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Trials of Valhalla

A topic by Griggy created Jan 13, 2016 Views: 296 Replies: 6
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Random Game Seed: 88540816870
Random Game Idea: A Hack and Slash game where the weakest warlord moves the most beautiful zesty judges.
Qualifiers: Genre was originally beat-em-up but I'm going to go for a top down Hack and Slash.
Title: Trials of Valhalla
Idea: You play as a Viking warrior in the middle of battle. You must prove yourself to the three Zesty Valkyrie Judges watching. If you fail to move the judges with your strength, then your dream of entering Valhalla will be denied.
I'm thinking this would be a beat-em-up game where you must fight endless waves of enemies. You will not survive the battle but your real goal is to impress each of the three judges in combat before dying. Only a glorious death will earn you the ultimate award.


This sounds awesome; I love the concept! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :)

Got the core idea of the game planned out and started working on the main character. So far I got a character that can move around a terrain with the camera following. School starts next week for me but I will do my best to do daily updates along with screenshots.

Unity as the game engine
Visual Studio for C# programming
Photoshop for textures and art
3DS Max for modeling and animation
Audacity for sound effects

Not sure what I'm going to do about sounds and music. I will worry about that later.

Here is the first update. So far I got the basics of combat in. The character has a sword that he can swing and a shield he can block with. I'm thinking of adding a large war axe as well to act as a heavy attack. So your combat options would include a light combo using your sword or a heavy combo using your axe. Your shield can block an attack from any direction but blocking consumes your stamina so you can't just turtle all day. Decided to take a break today and start working on some art assets. So here is a shot of the scene.

The textures and UI are placeholders for the models which is my main focus currently.


Not gonna be able to work tomorrow so I decided to make up for it with another update for today. I made the weapons and blocked out the model for the main character as well.

Finished modeling the main character. Started to block out the animations.


Nice updates! Looking forward to see more :)