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Herr von Speck

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I'm way too clumsy for this, but it's a great surgeon simulator inspired entry ;)

I like that face :D

.zblorb is a format for old school text adventures. You need an interpreter which can open them. It should be possible to open .zblorb with any interpreter for Z-machines. Maybe you'll find one here:

The game seems nice but I'm way too slow for this ;)

I like the presentation. The gameplay is a bit too uncreative, though.

Mhhh… I get a black screen in Safari on OS X. Can't do anything about it (besides change the browser).

Great graphics! This game is bananas!

Very nice presentation. I like the combo of Tower Defense and direct shooting!

Nice concept, but I'm too slow to get very far ;)

Interesting experiment! At the beginning the game plays itself, but it gets harder in time.

A little bit buggy. E.G. fruits keep dying at the same place for no reason or they don't die or don't move anymore. This could be much fun with a little bit more polishing.

Nice one! I like the presentation. Sometimes the candy man got stuck on the overlay to rate the game, but that's not exactly your fault.

Nice approach on a Minesweeper-esque gameplay!

Nice! This game looks very polished I'm a huge fan of those side scrolling shooters.

Really nice!

Decent artwork and nice gameplay. Great!

Nice approach on a candy themed RPG. I licked it! (sic!)

Nice game & watch hommage!

No candy?!

This is amazing!

Nice mechanics! The presentation could be a little bit… less annoying :D

Nice work for a few hours! Add a little polishing and bring it on my phone! I'd pay for that :D

I think it's a little bit too easy, but overall it's a nice game!

Really good! I'd totally play that on my smartphone!

Very nice! This looks very polished regarding to graphics and gameplay.

Nice approach on a pong-like!

Nice one! I think it's a little bit too easy. The game plays itself in the beginning.

I think I'd totally play that on a smartphone.

Thanks for your comment!

I don't like RPGs which are basically made for Excel, so I kept the real data from players and tried to build something story driven. The fight against The King was kinda like my aim from the beginning. The fight against Nancy was supposed to be training for that.

Very nice!

Waaah! Those controls broke my finger (on a QWERTZ keyboard)!

Great concept and nice presentation! Well done!

Very beautiful presentation!