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Yay, Cannabis-flavour candy! :3

Thanks for the comment everyone! :3

I couldn't do programming and know less any game engine so I use Power Point and saved it as PDF instead :3.


Thank you very much for the comment and suggestion :3.

I might add some hint for my next game and put it as hover text (I found that pdf also support hover text) :3.

Fun gameplay! :3

Yay! I'm the new king! :v

And funny ending xD

Nice game :).

And what will happen if I say "Candyman" 7 times in front of mirror? xD

Nice storytelling while I was waiting for the combo to finish (which took so long) xD.

Nice puzzle game :3.

I was tempted to crush the hand instead... and I did :v

Wut? xD

Interesting gameplay ;).

It feels like I'm playing old game ;).

Moral of the game: Don't eat the same candy in a row, it kills xD.

Great game :).

Sweet graphics :3

Nice mechanism for next level of puzzle :).

I'm more surprised that he didn't get diabetes xD.

Interesting memory game mechanics :).

Cute game :3

Yeah, don't do drug xD

Nice abstract game :).

Great game :).

Also the undo button was helpful too (I did several mistakes xD)

Moral of the game, be careful when eating blue candy near a rabbit xD.

Btw, good game :).

Love the music and the sound effect :3.

Also, I didn't know that you can modify the list of the candies to make it easier to guess which order is correct ;).

Great game especially the collaborating the game mechanic with the court battle theme =w=b.

Nice game :).

I hope it doesn't have Childrenpocalypse in this game like Grandmapocalypse in Cookie Clicker xD.

Nice graphic and the nom nom sfx :3.

Nice game mechanic :). It is quite addicting. Also, some sound would be nice :).

I thought the fish will explode if I keep it idle xD.

Lol at the literally "transformation" xD

Nice logic game which you have to guess by using the previous result as clue :).

Great game especially when you can combine something to make a special attack based on the candy picked. I wish there were more of items and the combi ;).

And as other said, there was annoying bug that will cause other monster (including the king) to die without being attacked by player.

It shows this when I tried to play it D:

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and the game is currently unavailable."

Beautiful arts :)

Lol at the Cease & Desist gameover, it will be worse if trademarking candy makes you may not touch candy anymore xD.

Lol, flappy candy! xD

Btw, there is #FlappyJam too, your game fits for the theme :D

The messages are so funny and so related xD

Nice simple game :)

Nice game mechanic :3.

I thought it was usual memory game which you have to find a pair, but it was different which this time the the player has to arrange to a line with switching candy each time get flipped xD.

Finally bombed all the candy :3

Great simple game :3

I thought it was like usual tetris, but it was reversed :D.

Great idea! :3