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Not A Rushed Game About KrampusView game page

Submitted by Buttzilla — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Not A Rushed Game About Krampus's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game most likely to give someone a drinking problem#83.5633.563
Grandma's Favorite Game#112.1882.188
Most Festive#113.1253.125

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Challenging platformer. I included it in my compilation video of all of the Awful Holiday 2018 games!

(x/post) Find the victims and race to the exit!  Oddly, another platformer with a focus on walljumping.  Not a ton feels finished here but the physics idea is pretty cool.  The music choice is pretty catchy too.  The most important thing is that that sprite of Krampus is super creepy.  Super creepy.


Neat and ambitious project for the time-span but it has a few things I feel need working out.

- Moving platforms don't always affect player velocity, causing you to slide of. It seems to happen whenever you walk from one moving platform to another
- In its current state, wall-jumping is really janky and feels more like it was a bug that was turned into a feature than an intentional design choice
- Jumping feels super floaty, which makes the more intricate platforming sections a nightmare
- The spinning platform does absolutely dreadful things to the player
- Whenever you run out of time the game seems to send you back to the start of the previous level, is this a design feature? If it is, it feels a little harsh.
- The hitbox for collecting children seems finicky

Beyond that its technically impressive for the time-span. Only real suggestion I got if some kind of pointer or something to help you find the next child. 

Good work c:


  • Kid hitting
  • Satisfying / Strange obstacles


  • Control is a bit wonky
  • Time restraint slightly difficult

Well, I got them kids, but it took a couple tries. I'm always up for Krampus, and the kid hitting in this game is pretty high on the list of games wherein one hits kids. The mechanics are a bit stiff and sticky feeling, so the wall jumping can handle unexpectedly and feel sluggish, also the small gaps in between some platforms feel like obstacles in themselves when they should probably just be smoothed over. Finding the kids was fun enough and I appreciated the scenery lying about where kids may or may not be. My favourite part of the game however simply has to be the spinning platform. That was a nice moment and surprise. This game leaves an impact appropriate for the amount of time available in the jam. Nice.


I might suggest adding arrows pointing up where you have 90 degree walls you're intended to climb over. 

I know a few people who'd reach the end of the tutorial level then just get confused and quit because they don't know what to do and can't see the top of the platform.


Yup, totally agree


A nice little platforming game.

Physics are pretty well handled especially regarding slopes, although some of the spinning platforms in the later levels will weirdly scale your character sprite when you come in contact with them.

The mechanic with having to knock out the children before you can collect them could probably be removed since once you actually find the children they pose no threat, so as it is right now it's just a couple of extraneous button presses.

One particularly frustrating detail is that when you run out of time in a level, it starts you back at the beginning of the PREVIOUS level, meaning you can actually progress backwards if you suck hard enough, which is definitely possible with the last couple of levels having a bunch of bottomless pits.

Despite that, if you like a good platforming challenge and want to test your skills, I'd definitely recommend this one for a good quickie!


Thanks for the feedback! I think I'm with you on the fail state kicking you back a level, but it wouldn't be Krampus without some good ol' fashion thorn whipping.


For a game that is explicitly not very rushed, it's not very rushed at all!


Very realistic child flagellation!


I live to give