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Jon Terp

A member registered Feb 03, 2014

Recent community posts

Your submission to the Awful Summer Jam 2018 has been disqualified for being developed before the jam started.

Please do not resubmit this game to the jam. If you would like to make an original game with the time still left in the jam you are more than welcome.

-- Awful Jams Staff


We love to see the jam logo and art used in entries! But it's not at all required to submit.

Thanks for the question!
-- Awful Jams Staff

Hey ShareShift,

The judging process in this jam is intensive for the judges, they put a lot of hard work into reviewing each submitted game. So to be fair to the people who do put time and effort into their jam entry, we disqualify games that have little to no substance.  A good example of this is https://itch.io/jam/awful-summer-jam-2018/rate/278360. While that game is on theme and good for a laugh, there isn't a lot there to talk about. So it's disqualified from judging.

We don't determine "minimal effort" based on skill, engine used, or if a splash screen is present, it just has to have some personality and care put into it.

Thanks for the question!
-- Awful Jams Staff

Personally, I find this hilarious. But it's breaking our rule against low effort entries and is disqualified from judging.

But I'm not removing the submission from the jam, it's hilarious. It just won't be judged.

-- Awful Jams Staff

Hi Praj,

You game has been disqualified and removed due to violating our rules against low effort entries.

Please stop resubmitting your game after it has been removed. If you'd like to take the remaining jam time to make something more substantial, be our guest.

-- Awful Jams Staff

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Hi Psi,

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is no rule against this in the jam itself. The EULA simply states you are legally responsible (not Awful Jams) if copyrights holders come knocking.

To clarify, We will not disqualify a game for having copyrighted material. It's not our place to determine what is or isn't infringing. However if your game is DMCA'd, it will be disqualified and we can't do anything to help you.


-- Awful Jams Staff