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 I'm a sucker for drink mixing simulators. I even made one for the global game jam last year (Shameless plug:

I really enjoyed my time with it. The concept is rock solid, I liked the controlled pour mechanic and even though things were looking a little rough, I did get that "plate spinning" effect of feeling rushed and panicked.

The one comment I would add is that there is a lot in front of my face all at once. If you started out with just a few liquors and mixers, then added more as time went on, the player would have a better idea of where everything is located. In any case, nice work!

Good good stuff. The style is fresh, with double points going to the carpet parallaxing effect and the chattering teeth sound.

My only real complaint is that I didn't get a chance to really look at that conversation text since I was super focused on not dying I was so good at the game.

Solid 6 out of 5 stars.

Nice work making those sad right-side up frowns upside-down frowns!

I live to give

Thanks for the feedback! I think I'm with you on the fail state kicking you back a level, but it wouldn't be Krampus without some good ol' fashion thorn whipping.

Yup, totally agree