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Submitted by blastron (@blastron) — 7 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game most likely to give someone a drinking problem#14.4174.417
Grandma's Favorite Game#142.0002.000
Most Festive#142.2502.250

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • Cool control scheme / mechanics


  • Lack of feedback / juice

The gameplay is neat (pun unintended) and the improvements over the original submitted version go a long way to improve on the issues I had with it, but the lack of punch or effect from outcomes leaves me a bit underwhelmed. I know it's just some superficial stuff but I think it'd elevate the experience quite drastically, given that otherwise there's nothing to modify the event as there's no fail state and just the timer. I had a bug (?) where a patron wanted two different types of drinks, the second listed as Gins & Tonics where the card only showed the Gin portion, and the typical ratio of 1.5 : 2 didn't provide the correct drink, nor did straight gin. Dubstep remixes of holiday jingles is what I really wanted, what I craved, what I needed for my soul while roleplaying as someone who knows about alcoholic drinks and lives to dole them out in these trying times of various cheer-entrenched-ordeals. 

The controls are a bit weird, but it's a good idea! I included it in my compilation video of all of the Awful Holiday 2018 games!

(x/post) Pretty rough cooking sim game.  I always look forward to a Team Punch Fight game (and its subsidiaries) and this mini-jam entry isn't changing my mind on that at all.  From the description I thought it was going to melt my computer or something!  Instead it's just in need of some more work, controls don't feel very good (even beyond the usual wacky sim shenanigans) and there's nothing to make it pop (no sound or a hook).  It is very static and doesn't really use the physicality of its space.  But besides that it's not like it's garbage or anything.  I even started to get the hang of it! 

(Also, The Gong Show portion of this was great!)


This has the groundwork for an interesting drink-mixin sim but it's currently in real rough shape unfortunately.

The biggest thing letting it down is the current approach to gameplay and the UI. Were it not for Krell's comment I wouldn't have been able to work out how to play at all.

There's also a game-killing bug where right-clicking a certain place causes the right side of the screen to turn black and renders the game unplayable.

Something to consider is to add simple labels to the bottles; just as an additional visual clue to let people know what drink is what without having to hover over them.  Visual cues elsewhere might also help smoothen out gameplay a bit. 

Overall, it's got a lot of potential and I'm curious what this would have ended up being had things gone better.


 I'm a sucker for drink mixing simulators. I even made one for the global game jam last year (Shameless plug:

I really enjoyed my time with it. The concept is rock solid, I liked the controlled pour mechanic and even though things were looking a little rough, I did get that "plate spinning" effect of feeling rushed and panicked.

The one comment I would add is that there is a lot in front of my face all at once. If you started out with just a few liquors and mixers, then added more as time went on, the player would have a better idea of where everything is located. In any case, nice work!

A challenging restaurant/resource-management.  It has a nifty concept of not only choosing ingredients for cocktails, but also measuring the amount for each drink.

The game could use some UI adjustments to make mixing and serving drinks more intuitive.  Although hovering over objects with the mouse will display a tooltip with important information, the objects themselves don't really stand out from one another.  As can be seen from the thumbnail, many of the drinks share the same color of white/yellow/brown, and the only way to know for sure what type of substance each bottle contains is by hovering over the bottle to activate the tooltip.

This is also true for the different types of cups you need for each cocktail, which can be hard to locate on the right of the screen.  

Ultimately, the game is more of a point-and-hover game where you need to use context clues from tooltips in order to figure out what the actual intended gameplay is, which breaks down like this:

  1. Wait for a customer to appear.
  2. Hover over the customer to see their order.
  3. Hover over the glasses to see which glass they want, then grab it with one hand.
  4. Hover over the bottles to see what liquor they want, then grab it with the other hand.
  5. Pour the liquor. Repeat with any additional liquor involved with the cocktail.
  6. Serve the drink to a customer and repeat.

Memorization become a necessary component for an optimized playthrough since none of the bottles are labeled outright.

Also, I found in my playthroughs that some customers would queue directly on top of other customers, which messed up the picking algorithm for displaying tooltips, making it difficult to discern the correct order for a customer as well as delivering drinks to respective customers.

This is definitely a game that has genuinely fun ideas with it's emulation of practical mixology, what with having to juggle bottles and tumblers in each hand and having to manually measuring drinks out while you pour.  With a little more refinement on the UI side, this game could definitely have the potential to be an incredible standout.