Submissions open from 2018-12-25 06:00:00 to 2019-01-01 05:00:00
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~~* Note: This is a screened jam. If you break the rules your game will be disqualified and REMOVED from the Jam! *~~

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December 25th - December 31st

(Jam ends when the ball drops in NYC)

Jam theme will be announced on Christmas day!

 Theme possibilities:

(one will be selected and announced Christmas Day)

  • Festive Spirits
  • Uncle 
  • Games for Grandma 

This year's Awful Winter Jam is bite sized! Starting Christmas day and ending when the ball drops on the New Year, you've got one week to make a game based around the given theme!

Awful Jams are beginner friendly! So even if you've never made a game before come hang out in the Discord community and make something!

Mini Awful Jams are a bit different, here's what to expect from this snack sized mini jam:

  • No in depth reviews from judges (but you still might get some feedback depending on the judge!)
  • Prizes are only available to the Game of Jam winner
  • Community ranked for all categories (Except Game of Jam)
  • Judging will be much looser and less objective

We'll be streaming all the entries per usual - So look forward to Gong Show shenanigans.


  1.  Don't be a jerk
  3.  No more than 3 people to a team*
  4. You must adapt the theme in an obvious way
  5. 500mb game size limit
  6. Installers are not permitted, your submission must unpack and run without an installer
  7. Your game must be developed solely for this jam and started development AFTER the jam's start date

 * Contributors that only produce audio files for your game DO NOT count toward your team member limit (IE: Musicians, Voice Actors, Yodelers)