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Idol Comm@nder (DD9 Edition)View game page

idol rhythm game
Submitted by SquareDev (@squareanon) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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* Definitely needs an easy mode
* The QWER letters seem really off beat so it's not much of a rythmn game
* Controls will definitely need remapping
Good first showing! Improve!


Thanks for the feedback everybody.

I'm going to keep in mind all of your suggestions to change the game.

Things I'm definitely going to do soon:

1. Add an Easy mode with less beats

2. Add a Controls page to choose different control schemes

3. Try making the beatmap and overlay over the idol and the stage so you can look at both.

I also plan to make Bunny's dance more realistic and change them based on the rhythm of the song among other things but I'll have to test somethings out first.

This is pretty cute, too bad I'm terrible with rythm games and will never unlock the damn secret costume!

That said, with QWER it gets really, really cramped if one were to use two hands. I'd go with QW and OP.

To expand on what Sinoc said I also couldn't keep an eye on both the track and the stage and feel like a way to blend both in on the same screen could be more beneficial. I dunno, some transparency magic or some other shit, I'm sure it's doable.


What the hell, that control scheme. There's no reason not to just use the arrow keys here and leverage existing muscle memory for most players.

I almost never play any rhythm games but the difficulty seems excessive. Never found the time to look at your bunny waifu. It might be better if the idol camera took up the entire screen and the cues were laid on top of it.


As Sinoc said, there's nothing special here yet. I play a bunch of Stepmania and IIDX and there's no gimmick or feature that would make me choose to play this. Also, you might want to make the good/great text be different colors or something, it was kind of hard to tell which I was getting while still focusing on the game.


Fair warning, I'm shit terrible at rhythm games and haven't played a whole lot besides the standard DDR assortment and Parrapa/Lammy.

The game so far seems to simplistic right now, since it's only got the one constantly coming wave line and nothing much else. The Idol on the side is cute and all, but there's no reason to look over there while playing. Other games like Parappa have interludes that let you pay attention to what's going on and some development on whatever situation got you into calming a bunch of babies, and are non-distracting enough during regular gameplay that you can focus attention on the sick rhymes and not the cinematics.

Unless the game gets saved by an amazing OST, in it's current state it's not anything special. I hope this gets a little more to it in the future.