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A member registered Jul 08, 2016

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Not really a fan of this genre, but I dig the music and "voice acting", they sound spot on for a game of the sort. Not so much you can do right now but I guess figuring out what works and what doesn't is part of making a demo. Had to take a while to figure out how sell stuff, but haven't had much problem with the inventory otherwise, except how it's rather annoying not to have a button that empties your hands or swaps tools.

The art, as many have said, is really nice and cute. Unlike others, I find the controls only need just a little tweaking, but the overall slippery-like feel isn't bad to have, and could as well fit in with the underwater theme.

I like what I see so far. It feels like most game mechanics are fleshed out. Unfortunately I didn't go far enough to get to a boss fight, but I assume there is at least one. My only gripe is how a block system would work better than a dodge/dash one, but it's matter of personal taste. I assume you're going for something like style over substance with that.

Okay, this so far has been fun. Got around to get back a controller to play it. Playing it longer I noticed there are a couple of things that could be useful but are missing, fancy music and sfx aside:

-A zoom function. Maybe keeping the target button pressed zooms in instead of following the target?

-Since you're going arcade all the way, something useful could be an indicator on the minimap that pops on locked-on or selected targets. Maybe just turning the icon to a different color (though detracting from the whole fighter jet HUD aesthetic).

-Some sort graphic cue when the High G turn is used. Fish eye lens effect? Blur? I'm sure you can come up with even better ideas.

As for questions/problems, is the cannon working fine? I'm having trouble hitting anything.

This is pretty cute, too bad I'm terrible with rythm games and will never unlock the damn secret costume!

That said, with QWER it gets really, really cramped if one were to use two hands. I'd go with QW and OP.

To expand on what Sinoc said I also couldn't keep an eye on both the track and the stage and feel like a way to blend both in on the same screen could be more beneficial. I dunno, some transparency magic or some other shit, I'm sure it's doable.