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A farming game, where you farm stuff and sell it to a nasty old toad wizard.
Submitted by Nasty Old Wizard (@casey_macneil) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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Love the music, very relaxing.
Also love the Animal Crossing-esque voices.

The movement and jumping seems a bit floaty to me, but since its not really a game about precision or anything that's not really a huge deal.

Hope you continue to work on this. And I'm going to also agree that if you tone down the dialogue, you lose the whole game. I love the idea of a game that's visually cutesy like Animal Crossing but then people tell you to fuck off outta their houses.

Not really a fan of this genre, but I dig the music and "voice acting", they sound spot on for a game of the sort. Not so much you can do right now but I guess figuring out what works and what doesn't is part of making a demo. Had to take a while to figure out how sell stuff, but haven't had much problem with the inventory otherwise, except how it's rather annoying not to have a button that empties your hands or swaps tools.

  • The music is chill af, particularly the daytime track.
  • I realize the Harvest Moonesque gameplay involves a lot of waiting by its very nature but it seems kind of slow for a demo. The progression you have is acceptable for the full game but the keyword for this kind of jam is 'instant action' I think.
  • The crass dialogue is good. Don't you dare tone it down for the release.
  • Thirding the inventory and shop problems. If you end up doing something unusual with regards to the shop then try a 'highlighted button' tutorial the first time we see the screen.
  • Generally it's already pretty 'game like' and I feel you're mostly on the right track.
  • Cute voices. Who's the VA?
  • A dialogue for every fishing is a bit annoying.
  • You should be able to move while casting and fishing, for fidgety players. Could be a mechanic that some fish like the line to move in certain ways.
  • Swapping items to the active slot is VERRRY tedious. Minecraft/Terraria did this right.
  • The demo should get right into the gameplay mechanics. While your eventual players will sit through a slow introduction, the demo should have all of the mechanics unlocked. The full game could spend some time introducing mechanics though.
  • Seconding the zeroquest's issues with the shop. Another solution I've seen is an 'undo', that is buying back the item you just sold for the same price.
  • Overall very comfy and no outstanding performance problems like I've seen in other demos.
  • Nice relaxing atmosphere, although I felt that some of the music didn't fit that well (e.g. the music with the more modern "beat").
  • I accidentally sold my fishing rod while trying to figure out the shop interface (I tried dragging my fish onto the 'sell' button instead of putting it in the 'sell slot', which made them disappear temporarily and sold my rod). I'd change it so you can't drag things onto the sell button, and move the 'sell slot' outside of the grid into its own spot above the sell button (or maybe somewhere else). Also the rod probably shouldn't be in the sell slot by default...
  • I like the character designs.
  • That sword....