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  • Cute voices. Who's the VA?
  • A dialogue for every fishing is a bit annoying.
  • You should be able to move while casting and fishing, for fidgety players. Could be a mechanic that some fish like the line to move in certain ways.
  • Swapping items to the active slot is VERRRY tedious. Minecraft/Terraria did this right.
  • The demo should get right into the gameplay mechanics. While your eventual players will sit through a slow introduction, the demo should have all of the mechanics unlocked. The full game could spend some time introducing mechanics though.
  • Seconding the zeroquest's issues with the shop. Another solution I've seen is an 'undo', that is buying back the item you just sold for the same price.
  • Overall very comfy and no outstanding performance problems like I've seen in other demos.