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Jelly (DEMO)View game page

2D game about a jellyfish. Just a demo for now. (latest version is 0.12)
Submitted by Fridge — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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The art, as many have said, is really nice and cute. Unlike others, I find the controls only need just a little tweaking, but the overall slippery-like feel isn't bad to have, and could as well fit in with the underwater theme.

  • Fantastic art - sharp and clear designs for both the enemies and environment. I've always liked what you posted on the general.
  • The controls need to be more precise and predictable, at least in the water. The first games I think of when I think "9-way movement + dash" are Suguri and Sora; maybe try those out. In those games, the 'bulk' of the dash movement is similarly cannon-like, but you can always 100% control the starting direction without doing any preliminary key-tapping.

Overall thoughts

Great work on the graphics. Once you get some more foreground assets made, this will look great. A reef level will look beautiful. The controls are floaty but will be well suited to mobile if you want to go there.

Immediate concerns/bugs. I found workarounds for most of these but I would have dropped your game here if I wasn't reviewing it.

  • On the pilar that juts out of the water on the way to the cave (near the surface with a teleport), I can get stuck out of the water on the pillar.
  • Is that cave a dead end? I couldn't find a way out.
  • Health as a white circles is way too subtle. That is probably placeholder though.
  • Is there a way to recover health? Restarting when it's all gone sucks.
  • When I CTRL+ESC from fullscreen then go back, I can't input into the game anymore. Windows 8.1.

I found the controls to be frustrating. Usually, you would expect the jellyfish to be controlled relatively - rather than going right on D, it would turn right from wherever it's facing and W would just propel it into the faced direction.


There's not much to it at the moment, but it's looking like some sort of Ecco the Dolphin with more limbs and less talking to sea creatures. The simplistic art style you've got going isn't exactly unique, but it's effective in conveying the mood. If there's anything more in the cards on the gameplay side of things I'd love to see it.