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Submitted by maskarinec — 12 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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I agree with what everyone said. more variety of takes would be cool.  Such a wonderful game, on a fun engine. The only bug i kept finding is that it kept turning to other influences other than 'shield and health gen'. ;) alot of fun. I am the world record holder with 86. anyone else who says they have more is lying and is using photoshop.  


As Zment pointed out there’s a bit of a lack of knowing what’s going on besides endlessly exploring screens. So I wasn’t really sure if there was a goal per-se.

That said it was really fun to run around and shoot things, I loved the little dissolving call effect on the projectile.

Also knowing this is a custom engine that you’re making is impressive to. Besides mirroring the points made by Zment the only other suggestion I would have is perhaps a visual indication on screen of how long the current random influence will last, but that may have been omitted intentionally, I found myself walking face first into a few enemies because the slowdown ran out when I wasn’t prepared.

All said and done though, great entry, fun to play with and very impressed with it being a custom engine. Great job.


I love the concept, though it gets pretty repetitive pretty quickly.

It could deffinetly use some more variety, though overall I enjoyed playing the game.

Keep up the good work!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: could you make a linux build on your game?


I like the simplicity in both the visuals and gameplay in this game. As you search the world, you are always excited to find a village (ie. a bunch of enemies around a fireplace) and then subsequently raid them. The theme and restriction (strange influence and 3 items) are worked very nicely into the core gameplay itself. 

Ideas for improvement
I felt a bit lost at times. Even if I found a village and I accidentally exited it, it's totally possible that I won't find it again. Though, there's always one if you just look more so not a big problem per se, but made me disoriented more than once. Perhaps a map of some sort?

Also, I felt no sense of progression. I raided a village, and, well, that was that. I think there is a score display on the main menu, but stats on player activities on HUD, like kills, villages raided, distance traveled etc?

All in all a solid submission, definitely one of my favorites. 


Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad, you liked it.

> Even if I found a village and I accidentally exited it, it's totally possible that I won't find it again.

What do you mean by that? Is it like a bug, or did you struggle to get back into the village?

> Also, I felt no sense of progression.

I totally agree with that. I probably should have made some kind of raid counter, even though you are still in the game. Distance traveled is interesting too. I might add that.