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A jam submission

Spirit DungeonsView game page

A game for the 2nd Vaultacular Game Jam
Submitted by FatWednesday — 4 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Wow, I love the artwork! Gameplay is great too, very cool concept.  I had a lot of fun playing this one and really really dig the art style.  **Chef kisses**


Well thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the project.


Awesome game! Love the style and the thought put into this, definitely fits the theme.

I had a lot of fun with the different enemy types. It's great that if I do poorly in combat I can just swap to the would be victor and finish my old body off haha.

I found I could also speed run it by just avoiding everybody like a mad skeleton streaker :D


Haha yeah I had tried to slow the skeleton down to encourage not running through rooms but it turned out to just feel so slow that it wasn’t fun. I think in future I’d focus on getting in mechanics that I didn’t get to this time around, like cracked walls that need to be blown up by the wizard to open some pathways, and things like that to really make use of the individual character types. But that meant allowing enemies to leave their rooms which I didn’t get time to sort out :D

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.


This game was the best one, I played yet. I liked the art, and the posses mechanic.

There were also things, I would do differently. First of all, the melee system is weird. Sometimes I can't hit an enemy, that is standing really close to me. Secondly, I would make the scene transition a bit quicker. It was a bit annoying. The last thing is, that I felt a bit cheated, when I killed myself as the mage, so I wouldn't have to battle him with a melee. I feel like it is a wasted opportunity making stuff like this impossible. Other than that, it was fun.


Very fair feedback, I got excited about and caught up working on some of the under the hood systems the project has. This unfortunately led to not putting enough time into the design side of things when it came to the various combat abilities and bug testing around them. Having the mage be immune to their own explosions is a good quality of life change I could make, I’ll try to find some time after the Jam to push some of these kinds of changes to a new version, but I’ll probably hold off for a little bit so that people can play and review the game as it was at the time of submission.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback.


I don't have a problem with the mage being immune to his own explosions. I tried to exploit this and kill myself as the mage, so I wouldn't have to fight him. I didn't realize, it would kill my main character too and I felt a bit cheated.


Ah you mean that the damage was hurting your uninhabited body? I thought I had disregarded that entity from damage logic, but perhaps my fix for that only applied to the melee attacks. If that’s the case then knowing that should make it an easy enough fix.


Really neat game! The art is so detailed and everything looks so visually appealing. The game 100% fits in with the theme and limitation. Awesome game!


Thanks for the kind words. It’s a shame I got carried away with some of invisible ‘under the hood’ systems as there were a bunch of graphics for mechanics that sadly just didn’t end up making it into the game.