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So this time, on PC, I was able to play, it's pretty fun, but i do have some feedback points:

  • I'm not sure whether this is the case or not, but to me it felt like the destroying cube sound effect wasn't matched with the beat/rythm of the song. Seeing as the game is based on beat saber, it could be fun if you also make the destroying on beat.
  • Maybe add a volume option, it was very loud
  • Sometimes I was unable to reach the cubes on the far right
  • Have you looked into licenses? I'm not sure (maybe it is) if you're allowed to use the coffin dance music.

Overall the concept is pretty fun and it was fun to play!

Keep up the good work

Thanks for playing! The physics deffinetly needs improvement, which i will be working on in the future.

I apreciate that you love the "drugs effects", I didn't have enough time to complete it, but the effects were supposed to stack and influence the car's driving.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I know, the car deffinetly needs some improvement to the acceleration and collision. I'm deffinetly planning on fixing the issues.

Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback!

The game was really fun, I loved the visuals and the game mechanics.

I love the card swapping mechanics, and the different abilities it gives you.

The gameplay feels intuitive and feels just nice to play.

Unfortunately I was unable to get past the point after you got the 2 new cards.

Overall I loved the game, expecially for a gamejam game.

Keep up the great work!

I love the concept of the game and I love the visuals!

Though since I have a fairly decent sized screen, and the game was pretty small (due to the camera being zoomed out), it was really hard to see. Maybe try zooming the camera in a bit?

Aside from that, I really love the fact you can destroy everything, and that it's (atleast it seems to be) an endless game. Though the game did become stale after a bit, seeing as it was very repeitive, and after a while I could just hold left click and W, and slightly aim to the right and left and have no challenge what so ever.

Maybe you could add some more variety and more challenging enemies to make it slightly more engaging.

Overall I loved the game, keep up the good work!

The concept is great, I like the idea!

Though the turrets and enemies could deffinetly use improvement, especially with aiming, because sometimes, even while standing almost next to each other, they both keep missing completely, and it ends in an endless stalemate.

The gameplay seems a bit boring, but that's entirely personal preference.

Overall the game is pretty fun, but could use some improvements.

I love the concept, though it gets pretty repetitive pretty quickly.

It could deffinetly use some more variety, though overall I enjoyed playing the game.

Keep up the good work!

I wasn't able to play the game, I was able to get to the main menu screen, but from there it just wouldn't work. My assumption is that it's because of the resolution, since I had a simliar problem with someone else. The fact that the start button was half outside of the screen makes me believe that even more. The screenshots look great, though unfortunately I wasn't able to play.

The game looks like an interesting concept!

Though when playing I was stuck in the stats menu for a while, since i was unsure of what to do. I didn't realize i could close it using tab, you might want to make that clearer to the player.

Once i did get in the game the movement felt weird, and the rotation was very fast and caused me troubles controlling the character. Though once i got into a fight, the fight ended after a single attack, multiple times in a row, after which i got stuck, since i wasn't able to move over the water, or past the mushrooms, causing me to be stuck.

Overall the concept looks amazing! 

The game was really fun to play! I love the "mirror" world idea, it was really fun to play.

The only thing I didn't like is that the application window was very small, and I was unable to change it. Aside from that, the game was awesome! Keep up the good work!

The idea is amazing! Though I did see a few flaws while playing the game:

  • Collission: I'm not sure whether it's a flaw or a feature, but with the giant towers you can walk through them. Just like the other enemies
  • The minions seem to ignore eachother
  • You can just spam left click to walk and q to melee and you can kill pretty much anything without it standing a chance
  • I can't seem to kill the other hero with melee, but when I had the toss ability I pretty much instakilled him, maybe look into balancing the items?
  • It wasn't really tactical, seeing as it really could be. I could literally just walk up to the enemy base, spam tab, wait a few seconds and win.
  • When you die it seems like it takes a really long time before you spawn, while it just being a blue screen, maybe add a timer until you respawn?

Overall I really love the idea of the game, but it could deffinetly use some tweaking game-mechanics wise.

The art looks amazing!

Keep up the great work!

I loved playing the game, It's really fun to swap bodies.

The only issue I have, is when i try to put a key inside the lock, the application quits.

Aside from that, the game is really fun to play and I really love the visuals! Keep up the good work!

The game was really confusing as on what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn't sure which place I was supposed to protect, so it might be a good idea to make the instructions slightly clearer.

Though there seems to be no game-over or win detection? Since sometimes the car just drives of the screen and never comes back, sometimes it just keeps driving around the same block, and there doesn't seem to be any way to win (or lose), as far as I was able to tell.

Oh and if you block the car in, or just place a cone as soon as it spawns, it doesn't know where to go and just stops entirely.

Though it seems like it could be a fun game! keep up the good work!

The game is really fun to play, the only bad thing I found was the text, especially in the cutscenes, were incredibly difficult to read.

Overall I loved the game, keep it up!

Thanks, I intially thought the "gamepad" button was in order to switch to a gamepad, I didn't realize it was a dropdown menu, it might be a decent idea to make it slightly more apparent to the player.

Overall I loved the game, the visuals are amazing, though personally I wasn't a huge fan of the wall jumps, since they, atleast to me, were slightly too hard, and was unable to do these walljumps for a little while.

Overall the game us fun to play and it looks amazing!

The game is really fun, and once I understood what I was supposed to be doing it was really fun!

Though it might help if you make it slightly clearer on how the fields work at the start, since I wasn't sure how I was able to use them. Though once i did, the game was really fun and challenging!

Unfortunately I was unable to play, since the keyboard and mouse controls don't seem to be working for me. I'm unable to move, and thus unable to play your game. The visuals and screenshots look really good though, so I might play in the future when I have a controller.

Though I would reccomend trying to fix the keyboard controls, since it looks like it's an awesome game.

It was fun to play, short but fun!

The only thing I didn't like though, which is personal preference:

The jumping seemed slightly unresponsive to me, since to me it looked like I was standing on the ground, yet it wouldn't allow me to jump until a very little while later. The hitboxes might also need to be fixed, since sometimes you get hit even though you barely miss the enemy, or you don't get hit when you should get hit.

Overall the game was really fun!

The game is kinda fun, though what makes it stand apart from the original flipper?

Aside from that I enjoyed playing it. Though a few critical feedback points:

  • I love how you have 3 lifes, 3 minutes and 3 trophies to get
  • It was really easy to get the three trophies, but once I did, obviously I still had to survive for three minutes, but the speed of ball was so fast i ended up hitting it inside a wall, causing it to be stuck there, and it ending up into being a waiting game.

The concept is fun though! keep up the good work!

I was deffinetly confused on what to do. I love the simplistic visual style, but gameplay wise I was a bit unsatisfied. I was able to move around, and apparently pick up some items, but I was confused on what I was supposed to be doing. Maybe leave some kind of instructions?

I really loved this game, It's one of my favorites this far.

I love the visuals and story, and the mechanics seem solid to me as well.

It's really fun to play, and so far I haven't seen any noticeable flaws.

Keep up the great work!

I am unable to play the game, as it doesn't seem like it wants to load. Maybe add an exe?

The game is really fun to play and my favorite so far (I still have a few games to go)

Though it wouldn't be me if i had a few critical points:

  • The game seemingly randomly quits the applications sometimes while loading a new scene.
  • At the start i felt it was very unclear what to do, and I randomly died without realizing what happend, but once I figured out what was going out, everything was fine! Maybe have something explaining what's going on, or slightly ease into it instead?
  • The purple enemy seems way too fast, atleast in the first level, since i was unable to outrun him, especially not going along the main path. When i decided to go through the forrest i was able to outrun him barely. Though this was only the problem at the very first level, after the first level everything was fine!

The game was really fun, and I love the visuals! Keep up the great work!

The game is kinda fun to play. Though I do have a few critical points you might be able to use to improve the game!

  • The graphics are a bit lacking, which I don't personally mind, but it can usually make a game feel better than it is, solely based on the graphics.
  • The (green) enemies are a bit fast, and thus makes it really hard to dodge, seeing as they are faster than the player (when the player is walking straight, which brings me to the next point)
  • The player moves faster while moving diagonally,  this can be fixed by normalizing the movement.
  • Atleast in my opinion, but this will be different for everyone, I personally find it kind of annoying to have to reset back to the start every time you die, especially seeing as the enemies are pretty hard to avoid.

Overall the game is really fun to play.

The game had me confused at the start, since I wasn't sure exactly what to do.

Have you thought about some kind of tutorial or text at the start?

Overall the game was really fun and I like what you did with the theme and the restrictions!

It seems like it could be a fun concept, but I was unable to play the game is it was supposed to, although you probably already knew about these points, I'm still going to list them in case you didn't. :D

  • The speed,jumpheight and gravity seem a bit fast, I'm assuming it was correct at runtime, but you may have forgotten to use Deltatime?
  • Due to the fast gravity, my character got stuck inside the block alot after dying.
  • I'm not sure whether this is the case, but it seems like I started near the middle or the end of the level, seeing as I'm also able to go left for a while.
  • When I reach (the presumed) end, with the giant (once again I presume) endboss, nothing happens.

Though obviously still unfinished (which if fine, my game is also still unfinished), it seems like it could turn out pretty good if you continue working on it.

I personally really love the idea of the game, although due to the nature of the game it seems like it could make for a great mobile game!

The game is really fun to play, keep up the good work!

Unfortunately I was unable to play the game, since the file is a c3p file, and is unable to be opened unless you have construct 3.

You might be able to export the game into an exe, that way anyone, even people without construct 3 can play it.

The game is really fun, the menu controlls felt a bit unnatural, having to use WASD instead of either the mouse or the arrow keys.

Overall the game is pretty fun to play and it's a fun concept. The game quickly gets boring though, and gets kind of repetitive.

Overall I love the game, keep up the good work!

It was really fun to play, though at the beginning I was a bit confused, since i started out going to the right, and thus didn't find out about the space feature until later. Because of this i ended up having to spam click fight the entire floor, just for seemingly nothing to happen.

Overall I really love the game, though in case you haven't noticed yourself:

Atleast in the right side of the map, some enemies have the tendencies to go outside the walls.

Keep up the good work!

I'm loving the game, the visuals and audio are great.

I'm loving the gameplay, it's very fund and competitive, though I'm not much fan of the constant "tutorial" text in the levels themselves.

It's a great game, keep it up!