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Super Blorpy RunView game page

It's Blorpy! Running!
Submitted by Mottzy (@mottzy_makes) — 1 hour, 38 minutes before the deadline
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I may have gotten the crashing issue resolved. Let's hope so!


I like the game, really fun, it does crash often in the third mission


Thanks! YEah, the crashing is really annoying because it seems I have very little control over it. I'm going to take a few passes on the setup and see if I can infer what the cause is. I think it's literally just that the maps are too big for the app to handle (I kind of abused the system) :( 


Well thanks alot, now my kid is constantly asking to play your game... i hope you make a full version soon ;)

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, the crashing is fixed so w00t! also... you mean I have to make this a full game?


It took me longer than I want to admit to realize I could walk off the main path :D once I worked that out I finally got past the first level.

I liked that the second level had various routes so when I ballsed up and missed the axe I still was able to get past.

Difficulty definitely could have been a little slower of a progression, it drops you right in the deep end, but it was still really fun to play. Great Job Mottzy


I appreciate the feedback! The game started feeling slow-paced and boring to me,  but the bigger challenge was that I actually had to redo the mechanic multiple times due to the performance of the engine. I didn't end up getting time to fine tune gameplay, but tbh, I'm not even sure if I could have / would have made it any easier. That's why the feedback helps because it's super clear I didn't give enough ramp-up time for people to get familiar with the controls and the concept


The game is really fun to play and my favorite so far (I still have a few games to go)

Though it wouldn't be me if i had a few critical points:

  • The game seemingly randomly quits the applications sometimes while loading a new scene.
  • At the start i felt it was very unclear what to do, and I randomly died without realizing what happend, but once I figured out what was going out, everything was fine! Maybe have something explaining what's going on, or slightly ease into it instead?
  • The purple enemy seems way too fast, atleast in the first level, since i was unable to outrun him, especially not going along the main path. When i decided to go through the forrest i was able to outrun him barely. Though this was only the problem at the very first level, after the first level everything was fine!

The game was really fun, and I love the visuals! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the thorough feedback! I'm glad it was fun, I was struggling to find the "fun" in it by the end simply due to all the limitations / crashes. To your points:

  • Yeah, the random quitting was rough, and I am not sure entirely in my control. I revised the game design / levels a number of times to try to optimize and still got the crashes (unfortunately). I'm going to take another pass at some point and see if I can get it stable but some of this feels like it's just the engine itself (RPG in a box) which is still an alpha product
  • Easing in, is for sure, one of the things I didn't get to. I wanted a little intro cinematic that could tell the player to "RUN to the end!" - totally agree and know I need to plan better on having the space for the "ease into the game" approach
  • Oh yes, this purple guy needs more fine tuning for certain. This concept was a late addition - originally it was just a "wall of purple" consuming the land, but due to the performance issues I had to find an alternative quickly and get it "working". though in the end I kind of liked the idea of being chased by these purple guys, they just need much more fine tuning!

Thanks again for all the feedback, I really appreciate it!