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Linux version uploaded!

thanks for the reminder. I’ll get that up this week!

I love this concept! I hope you take this concept and expand it, you could come up with some crafty ways to work with letters and blocks. It was fun to see how I could grab distant blocks and fly towards them, then switch quickly and make other blocks fly together. Very blocky :)

So wait.. are you saying I have a big head? (my favorite joke). Simple and fun game, kind of addicting. I found it a little hard to get too big of a forehead only because the slices sometimes started in spots that made it hard to land right. But still, very fun!

Cute game demo / prototype. Love the voxels and the use of RPG In a Box. I'm aware there's more to do, but I love seeing voxels and creative concepts. 

Very cute and fun game. Especially because of all the voxels. I liked that I could literally stack the food as high as I wanted and could even see the shadow of my huge tower. The voice acting was superb and I giggle a few times. Great game, much embiggen.

I had a ton of fun with this even despite the bugs. In fact, some of the bugs (like ships flipping upside down) could be features some day. And that voxel art makes my heart happy. :D

Very chill and fun game. Good game to play after some of the more stressful ones. I love the art and music too!

OMG. For a game thrown together at the last minute this has a very solid gameplay mechanic that I enjoyed and wanted to play to the end. Loved it!

Very fun game. I had to beat it. HAD TO. It took a bit to figure out the technique, and to realize I could just hold the spacebar down. Had a good flow and left me wanting to play until I won!

Extremely, frustratingly, fun. I really really really wanted to eat everything but I just wasn't good enough. I wonder if the difficulty of eating the bigger things is a little too high? But either way, super fun, cute and blocky!!

Very fun little prototype. I enjoyed seeing just how high I could go (all the way outside of the skybox!) and discovering that the textures are all beans! Very fun, I can't wait to see more!

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Hey, the crashing is fixed so w00t! also... you mean I have to make this a full game?

I may have gotten the crashing issue resolved. Let's hope so!

Thanks for the thorough feedback! I'm glad it was fun, I was struggling to find the "fun" in it by the end simply due to all the limitations / crashes. To your points:

  • Yeah, the random quitting was rough, and I am not sure entirely in my control. I revised the game design / levels a number of times to try to optimize and still got the crashes (unfortunately). I'm going to take another pass at some point and see if I can get it stable but some of this feels like it's just the engine itself (RPG in a box) which is still an alpha product
  • Easing in, is for sure, one of the things I didn't get to. I wanted a little intro cinematic that could tell the player to "RUN to the end!" - totally agree and know I need to plan better on having the space for the "ease into the game" approach
  • Oh yes, this purple guy needs more fine tuning for certain. This concept was a late addition - originally it was just a "wall of purple" consuming the land, but due to the performance issues I had to find an alternative quickly and get it "working". though in the end I kind of liked the idea of being chased by these purple guys, they just need much more fine tuning!

Thanks again for all the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I appreciate the feedback! The game started feeling slow-paced and boring to me,  but the bigger challenge was that I actually had to redo the mechanic multiple times due to the performance of the engine. I didn't end up getting time to fine tune gameplay, but tbh, I'm not even sure if I could have / would have made it any easier. That's why the feedback helps because it's super clear I didn't give enough ramp-up time for people to get familiar with the controls and the concept

Thanks! YEah, the crashing is really annoying because it seems I have very little control over it. I'm going to take a few passes on the setup and see if I can infer what the cause is. I think it's literally just that the maps are too big for the app to handle (I kind of abused the system) :( 

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Ooops! I didn’t download the latest. I’ll check it out!

The art style is great, and this game has a solid concept. It's a fun little play through. The only piece of feedback I have is that the "one look" may be better as "once per death" or some other mechanic so you can get a second look. As  player I could always cheat and just take a screenshot, but that seems not intended. It's really cute though, love it!

I love this concept. The game itself is easy, but I hope you keep developing it and expand on the idea - maybe find other ways to make it more complicated and challenging. Otherwise, very clean and fun!

A nice and well put together game that adds just enough stress to make you focus! I played on a stream and noticed I couldn't look away until I passed a level because I HAD GUESTS TO SERVE DARNIT!

I gave some feedback on stream, but here are the written thoughts on improvement:

  • Stacking seems counter-intuitive. Uses a First-in-first out stack, but feels like first-in-last-out makes MORE sense
    • Consider that in a real scenario things get stacked on top, and come off the top
    • I also found my strategy automatically assumed this and resulted in a lot of mistakes until the developer clarified
  • Sick customers should be controllable by not giving spoiled food (right now it's also random)
  • In this version, since there is no consequence to helping sick customers there's no reason to get them meds
  • The numbers at the end of the levels would be great to leverage into some level award / badge for improving service to customers

Overall, I had a lot of fun - the game feels well put together and the controls are very smooth.

I also have to amend that this game grows on you quickly. It's hard, yes, but once you get a feel for the controls and the main strategy, the challenge isn't as bad as it seems. Definitely a game that pushes you to want to succeed faster. Very fun!

Cute little game with a quick play through. I liked the concept, and the ice cream was fun to stack - I almost wanted the ice cream stack to wobble like it was going to fall to make me be more careful! :D 

Cute little game with some stream-memes thrown in for good measure. I hope you keep developing it!

This is a fun tower-defense style game. I played it before some of the difficulty was re-balanced, but it was enjoyable to learn the mechanics and scare kids away. I love the little touches of how the kids run away crying, and the options for "towers" is cute. The version I played had some OP cheap items, but ironically I never used the "Bat Tree" as others did so didn't realize it! This is definitely worth a play! I'd be curious to have an ultra-hard level where you have to be more thoughtful about tower placement and may need some of the bigger power-up so get though!

I love the WhiteVault-style art in any of your games. Fun little play through that lets you beat up the bad guys without too much difficulty. Super fun to see all the easter eggs from streams. Has a retro arcade feel to it. Agreed on the screen shake, it could be toned down a little bit. All in all fun little play through!

I took a hike! And breathed a lot. I like the pixel art style here, and how consistently it fits together. The overall game concepts would be interesting to explore further, and I think more ways to interact with the environment may help. For example, if you could clean up / pick up stuff to help reduce chaos. The breathing mechanic was hard to understand, and maybe it could just be simplified to remove the "match the ring" requirement and instead just make the breath meter slowly refill based on how deeply you breath?  Either way, I see some potential to broaden what the game can do and expand on the concept of a game focused on getting the player to relax!

I love the art style of this game and the overall feel. It will clearly be more fleshed out in the future (given the demo levels shown).  The pacing on the mining / gathering levels is good, though the shop level could use some options to speed up. I'm not sure the value of someone asking to buy stock you don't have enough of. Maybe it would help to have little bubbles over shopper's heads so you get an idea of what people might want and can make better decisions on wether to sell?   Either way, the art style is great and fits together very cohesively. 

The intro to this game is definitely an attention-grabber, and the feel is unique and interesting. The difficulty level seems extremely high out of the gate, which makes it hard to learn the controls (two or three shots and you're dead, and you start with a quick shotgun blast to the face). I love the concept. Agree with Toasted that a health gauge would be nice, plus more health or a level layout for the first level that gives you a chance to get more familiar with the controls.  But, as an ultra-hard game it has some fun challenge to it that makes the player feel determined to beat the level they are on!

This game is adorable and incredibly well-polished. Everything about it fits together nicely and the difficult level is just enough to feel a little frantic as that timer winds down, but also very completable. Agreed with Cal237, this is exactly the type of game that could be posted on games sites if it were fleshed out a little more (more power ups / different levels / different challenges). Super great from beginning to end!