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Cardinal Gun ProspectorView game page

Equip up to 4 guns in your turn based search for gold. Made for 7DRL 2020.
Submitted by st33d (@st33d) — 17 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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  • Completeness (4): I personally don't quite dig the games without a goal (achieving a high score doesn't count), and to me all the wandering felt a bit pointless. However, the game feels polished and feature-complete, so I assume that you achieved exactly what you set out to do. I'd rate this 3.5, but since it has to be an integer, rounding this up and will round down Aesthetics. Aesthetics (3): There isn't much to pick on here: the controls are super simple as they should be, and the game has the intended old-school look. I think sprites could look a bit better though, and with Completeness rounded up, I'll round this down to 3. Fun (3): The game presents an interesting puzzle-ish challenge, and I enjoyed playing it for a bit. If it had levels, or other goals, I'd likely try to finish it. Innovation (3): On one hand, this is an unusual roguelike. On another, it borrows from other genres like platformers in a way that doesn't make the game feel truly unique. Roguelikeness (3): I think the game plays a bit more like a puzzle than a roguelike, even though it checks the marks of turn-based, grid-based, etc.
  • Cardinal Gun Prospector first "clicked" for me the moment I sidled into a second weapon and it attached itself. So I can have 4 weapons, one pointing in each cardinal direction? Now we are getting somewhere. The game has a terrific aesthetic, beyond just the lovely 8-bit visuals and sound -- it really feels intentional in a way you rarely see. There's an elegance to the game play, which is challenging but fair; in the tradition of the best roguelikes, when you die, it's usually because of your own carelessness. It has a really pleasing learning curve as well, as you don't really know what's going on at first, but the game starts to reveal itself to you, and you learn the mechanics, the enemy abilities and patterns, and the capabilities of the weapons. Cardinal Gun Prospector is something like an ideal 7DRL game, to my mind. It takes a simple , elegant concept and executes it well, with suitable polish. It feels decidedly roguelike, but it pushes the genre in new directions. And it's really rather fun. My only nits would be that it would be nice if there were some sort of level goal. (If there is one, I never achieved it.) And as some commenters mentioned, there's not much to orient you, and you're mostly left to explore blindly. The hints like "shot gun nearby x:7 y:-3" are meant to ameliorate that somewhat, but it feels half-finished, and like there could be a more elegant solution there. Also not sure the gold and light are needed, as they didn't add anything useful or fun as far as I could tell, but maybe I'm missing something there. All in all, a highly recommended entry. I'm certainly going to spend some time perusing the creators extensive back-catalog, too.

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Jam JudgeSubmitted

Agree, loved this one.  Very elegant mechanics that make for a pleasing learning curve and a truly fun experience.


Great pico8 game as usual :) remind me of your previous game (Gob) mixed with (Metrash). My only problem is because there is no map and the game is always drive the sense of exploration, I never go back and explore and if feels more of one direction. I don't know if that was intended feeling or not but I always feel lost after awhile and can't find more cannon heads or food. Maybe you should consider having more of these items easy to find but make the cannons durable (go out after certain amount of charges).

Overall great game :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Didn't have enough tokens for any other features sadly, only enough room for bug fixes (they eat a lot).

A map would have been nice but I never felt the need to backtrack. Ammo would have solved the balance issues in the late game but I didn't think of that during the jam. (It's a pretty good solution and would have meant more experimentation and OP guns.)

Given more time and tokens I would have been an idiot and just added more monsters and guns.


Ooh, great Pico8 game! I like how you have to plan all of your movements to avoid taking damage. Very challenging game but also very rewarding!

Loved it. The game captures the edge-of-your-seat gameplay of many bullet hells quite well., IMHO.

Loved it ! Some rooms are real traps :)
I missed a mini-map sometimes, but overall I really had some good fun!