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Ooh cool, might like to try this with Lasers & Feelings...

This is simply an excellent little game. Couldn't get past level 9, either, though!

Fun! I'm a Man-guin!

Fun! I'm a Man-guin!

Definitely, will let you know!

thanks :D

Fun! Definitely curious to see how this progresses. My only issue was that I wasn't sure whether to use arrow keys or WASD on the dance game, so I bombed out of that pretty quickly. Then I had to wait for it to end, as a spectator. Nice work, though -- I especially loved the penguin customizations at the beginning.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Agree that the cursive font is a little hard to read, if I had more time I would've added an option to switch that with a more readable font. Also yes, it was a surprise to me that it works so well on a phone, but it's a nice bonus :)

Visual style is very nice, and I enjoyed the game. Wasn't sure quite how to deal with the jelly dudes, especially once they started exploding!? And I never did quite save ol' man jenkins. Oh well! Pretty fun, though :)

Congrats on the submission!

I kept failing despite following the instructions, perhaps I was off-beat? I couldn't hear any music though, just the thump sounds when I hit the keys. Strange.

Definitely a cool idea. I look forward to trying this again once you've implemented some core features! It has some similarities with my submission, I'd love if you checked it out and let me know what you think!

I'm glad you submitted and am excited to see how this develops. Good luck!

Fun basic concept, but it was pretty glitchy for me.  Health bars stay after enemy is defeated, and there is a lot of screen flickering that seems unintentional (i.e. not tied to a fire effect or anything). I really enjoyed the fire-jump ability, and would love to see more progression, like the ability to gain more spells. Cool start though, congrats!

Thank you! 

Yes, totally agree about the font... If I'd had a little bit more time, I would've added an option to change the font to something easier to read. Also considered doing voice-over recordings of all the text, but also ran out of time for that.

Thanks so much for playing :D

It's built in Unity. For the music, I created a basic "Score Manager" that chooses from 1 of 3 different pieces of music depending on your current morale, so as things get worse, the music gets darker and sadder. It's pretty rudimentary, but I think the effect works pretty well. 

Code is available here, if you want to take a look:

Thank you!  He can be a life-saver, for sure :P

Yes, the font is a little tough to read, though I liked the hand-written journal feel. I considered adding an option to switch fonts but ran out of time. 

What was your cheeky fish trick?

The art style is great, and I agree with LadyKiwi, the walk animation is totally adorable. The glow from the fire was pleasing too. Nice work, all in all...Congrats!

Thank you, my wife Meg made the art!

No problem! My fault for now exploring more :)

Nicely polished little platformer, and cute protagonist. Too hard for me, though!

More shooting than any rave I've ever been to, but very cool! Haven't been able to win yet, but came close (I think...)

Very stylish, the animations are amazing, and I really like the feel of this one. Nice work!

Glad the customers are pretty patient! Agree with jannamoon that the unhappy sound is kind of scary, but overall this is pretty fun. Does it ever end? I was hoping to have a win state of some sort, but maybe I didn't get that far. Also an upgrade path of some sort, where you could spend money to add a coffee maker or that kind of thing might be cool.

Congrats on your submission!

The hand-drawn style is charming. I did the three minigames and won, but wasn't sure how to proceed. Am I missing something?

Cute. I had some trouble getting stuck in some places, but only seemed to affect when trying to move with arrow keys, now WASD for some reason. Also, the "instructions" button didn't do anything, though it's pretty easy to figure out.

Congrats on your submission!

Very cute! I absolutely love the art style. I kind of wish there was a bit more variety in the adventure view, but understand the difficult prioritization that has to happen in a jam. 

Are the quest names procedurally generated? I found them very charming. Congrats!

I will go ahead and do it, but please do let me know if it's a problem and I'll take it down!

Wow, this is great, but SO hectic! Reminds me of Overcooked. Took me a minute to figure everything out, but once I did it all started to flow. Quite tough though, and I never quite had time to get things organized. 

Really impressed by the level of polish and all the different little elements you fit in there in a week. Quite an accomplishment!

This is SOOOOO helpful, thank you. The game has a lot more nuance and complexity than I realized. Will definitely give it another try now. Nice work.

Hi, I only submitted a WebGL build for my submission (A Penguin's Progress), but was thinking it might be nice to also add a native Windows build as well. Is that allowed?


Appreciate it! Yes, the sound design really added a lot to the atmosphere, I'm glad I found time to add it in. I created a simple dynamic score system to adjust the music based on your current morale, so the worse things get, the sadder the music is. It's rudimentary, but I'm pleased to have squeezed it in there. Thanks again!

Thank you, I'm not usually either, but there's something about a game jam that pushes you in directions you wouldn't ordinarily go. Thanks for checking it out!

Basic tower defense game, but maybe I'm just a sucker for the genre because I played through all five levels and enjoyed it quite a bit! I wish there had been a little more strategic variation -- the weapons just seem to differ in terms of range, fire rate, and (maybe) damage; it would be cool to have weapons that allow for synergies, like one that slows down enemies, and maybe an area of effect weapon. 

Also, it appears to be 3D but we're locked into a top-down pseudo 2D view. It would be cool to be able to move the camera and get a better view of those penguins and bears! (It's hard to tell what they are from the bird's eye view.)

Also *please* add a little 5 second or so period at the start of the level before enemies come so the player can get a couple of turrets down! That was always the hardest part of each level, having to rush to stop the immediate flow.

All in all, fun! Congrats on your creation :)

Wow. Mindblowing. And that song is wormed into my brain!

Wow. Mindblowing. And that song is wormed into my brain!

Love the style, it's very atmospheric and genuinely spooky. Wasn't completely sure what I needed to do though besides chop wood and keep the fire going, though. Will try again on "Easy" as you suggested....

Thanks so much for playing, and for the thoughtful feedback. Couldn't agree more -- my goal here was to get as much of the basics done in a week as possible, to learn how the systems work and just to be a better coder in general. Also agree the game isn't well-balanced; you really don't have a chance against the tougher monsters, and even if you do manage to beat them, the reward isn't commensurate with the difficulty. Again, really appreciate you taking the time. Looking forward to next year!

Agree, loved this one.  Very elegant mechanics that make for a pleasing learning curve and a truly fun experience.