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you need to download the flash player debugger, I will try to make exe out of these files but it take some time. For now, try to download it and run the swf file.

Thank you so much :)

I want to say IguaRPG is an incredible game, I hope that you can release it on steam and it gets a bigger audience :) It is an amazing game with very cute charm and fun challenges and surprises :)

Thanks a lot for creating this incredible game, just managed to get 100% clear in the game :) And for it is worth, I know my type of games are different from the ones you create but I always wish that one day I can create incredible games like yours :)

Thanks again :) I hope that one day, we will meet in real life :)

i wonder also if that is possible, that is incredible, I always play it safe 

you can try Berry the Skeleton where it is more about being fast and not being very strategic :)

I am glad that you liked it :) your game slice and dice is so amazing, it means a lot to me that you liked the game :)

Thanks a lot, yeah the damage system was the hardest to explain since you take damage also from enemies for additional damage which is harder to explain :)

Thanks a lot for trying the game :)

This is a pretty fun idea and cute idea for a non violent roguelike, I think the execution needs some polish as it feels hard to control with so many buttons. I think having a single button would be better for future updates based on the needed interaction like in dinner dash :)

That is a pretty interesting concept, love the idea of setting up the next attack based on the setup, I would have loved that the player always attack at end turn and player can spend action to change reroll or change the direction of attack so it is more fun to do setups and not worry about AP :)

Omg, this is an amazing game, love the art, loved the concepts and upgrades, it would be more fun instead of items, maybe new upgraded units that change their attack pattern beside items :)

The help button graph is confusing as arrows should point which creature that they destroy and not the other way around :)

Overall, great game.

Interesting concept, love the rotation concept although it is a little bit hard for me to wrap sometimes my head around maybe it will be amazing if you show which direction the ball goes toward when you rotate left or right before accepting. like press left or right it rotates but doesn't update anything and show an arrow where every single visible object is going towards. It will help with the confusion that I press the button thinking it is going in a specific direction but it doesn't.

overall, great game :)

very cool game. it reminds me a lot of Grindstone mixed with fidel dungeon rescue :) great job on finishing a highly polished game in 7 days :)

That is a fun combination between crypt of the necromancer and snake.

It is a little hard for me but this is pretty amazing idea and I think it works flawlessly. I might suggest to make the player start with one and get more party member overtime so it become easier to understand what is happening :)

Love the art and the music and the idea of making titan souls main mechanic as a roguelike mechanic :) great job :)

Loved the idea of roguelike pacman :) I would have loved if the gold is kind of resource to use in the game like allow you to attack and everytime you attack the price increases to encourage people to understand the ghosts more, also some shop between levels or something that can be used for the gold and overall the player score :)

Woooow, loved the art in that game, very creative use of letters and nostalgia for old roguelikes. I couldn't play the game too long as the browser version was slowing down over time and when moving between rooms the camera was not shifting right but I think that is a problem mostly happening on my machine :)

overall, great game :)

Pretty interesting idea for a roguelike, I would have loved to have all the gremlins with the same effect like they don't damage you but annoy you or make it harder to follow them by blocking the area around them to reach. So the game become like a chasing game like the ghosts in pacman when you eat the power pill :)

Lovely visuals and an interesting mix of turn-based fights with the roguelike generation :) I would have loved to see some info boxes for spells and cantrips so I can make a more informed decisions :) But overall great job on finishing the game for the jam :)

Another amazing game in the 7drl, It is a little bit need balancing but overall it is great. I think having weapons that produce shields or cleansing will make me more fun and not only depend on just attacking whereas weapons that have higher attacks (with effects) are better.

It would be amazing if every weapon is useful including the starting weapon :)

Pretty cool concept, loved that enemies break the floor and make you fall down to the next level, I was hoping that your destruction affects the generation on the next floor. Like more destruction equal less enemies or a more open layout.

but overall, loved the entry :)

Love the pixel art and the idea of being a real-time runner roguelike, I tried something the same before in an older game called Contagious but it was not that successful :(

You managed to make it really really good :)

Loved the game, it reminds me with Mori Carta game combined with cards with personalities :) Great job, I enjoyed playing it :)

That is an incredible submission for the 7drl, it is in the same vain of Michael brough games. The idea of using money to upgrade the weapon and weapon durability as health is a incredible one. Good Job :)

Thanks a lot :)

I can confirm that the mac version is working out of the box on my M1 machine :)

This is pretty amazing demo, looking forward for the full game :)

great job :)

No problem managed to finish the game :) It is so good, up my ally of tiny metroidvanias :) This motivated me to finish my tiny metroidvania too :)

Thanks for creating that game :)

thank you 🥰 glad you like it ☺️

I tried everything with them except that hahahaha, thanks

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I can't go back because it closed behind me and nothing forward :( anyway amazing game :D




I am a little stuck, any help?

I might have missed that :( because it gets so hard before reaching that level

I love that game but I wish there was like a phase shift ability or something that makes me continue in the zone because I love when the game speeds up but I have to tap because levels are design not to reach that high speed. I think you could add a phase shift ability that make the player phase through the red areas but the ability runs for like 1 second or something and need to cool down but also if you successfully phase through something, you get right away. I wish the game allow high skilled player to have combos and make the main character run on high speed with max damage.

overall, great game :)

A very sweet game with nice art, overall good game my only comment is the backtracking which sometimes is too long with few stuff to do on the way after doing it multiple times :)

Maybe in the next version, each animal reach the other easily through a different path that others don't have access too :)

thanks a lot :) glad that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot for creating the walkthrough :) I am so happy that u enjoyed the game :)

the starting location if you destroy the top right cactus and the bottom left cactus only, it will appear ;)

Yup :) made a version for them :)

Thanks a lot :) glad you enjoyed it :)

That reminds me of serious sam double d xxl :) great job of creating that game in 5 hours :) that is really amazing work :)

thanks a lot :) glad u liked it :)