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Ahmed Khalifa (Amidos)

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Thanks a lot :)

Glad you liked it :)

Thanks :) Yeah, I sometimes do that accident. You were almost there to level 25 :) The last level :)

Thank you :) I tried to make half a move with red blood to show that you take damage when you hit walls.

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot :) I agree with you about hand crafted puzzles :)

Only the first 5 level are hand designed the rest are template based generator

Thanks glad you liked it :)

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It is suppose to be infinite :) but I am going to change it to 25 as it feels better to limit it :) Thanks for the suggestion :)

I agree with Alex, I think the walls are designed using a maze generation algorithm then randomly clearing some walls from the maze to make it more open.

Zaga-33 is very simple :)

Can't change the zoom from 1x :( is there a way to make it zoom a little bit?

I used an earlier version of TIC-80 to create "The Sky House", it was a fun but at the time there was no way to write the code except from the editor which became a little bit of pain near the end (as there was a lot of code). I think they now support editing the tic file from any text editor. Also, they didn't have a full documentation about a lot of stuff :) But it was a really fun experience :)

I will be using Pico-8 probably as I am trying to get more familiar with it to use for future game jams :)

Also, Zaga-33 and 868-Hack are two of my absolute favorite games :)

Thanks to the organizers for doing that :)

Thanks for the comment, I am glad you liked it. I tried not move the letters but it look weird. You might find it easier during on the mobile version.

check that repo:

Thanks so much :)

I am working on that, sorry for the delay. for now, you can try it on googleplay

Oooh thats weird, will check that, it was certified before. Sorry about that. I am sorry about all the headache.

Make sense to make it work but the current version doesn't work well with other than android, ios tablets and phones

I will try to have android apk uploaded soon but the controls of the game doesn't work well for non touch screens (sorry about that)

Will you release the game, I missed it at No Quarter and I wish I can try it :)

That is amazing :) This Demake Jam have amazing amount of entries :)

That's a very good game, I love the art style, the main mechanic, The spike colors are a little confusing but other than that :) amazing as usual :)

That is great :) Thanks :) Hope u enjoyed it :)

yup forever :)

Woooow, did you use a lot of exit for each position that the player can possibly be at?

Check these links. they might not be the best tutorials but they might help :)

I don't think there is any exists but someone is working on something similar

You can try to write ur own javascript that do that similar to the way they did playing sfx with walking in the bitsy hacks

you mean show their value in the text if that is the question then use that {say VarName} in the text.

using the inventory tab :)

May be check this

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I think you could use hidden item which contain the ending text. Also place an exit on the same tile to teleport the player to the exit room. The end room could be a room with word The End on it. Hope this helps

You should check this amazing tutorial :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot :)