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Ahmed Khalifa (Amidos)

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Thanks a lot :) glad you got the idea behind the concept :)

Thanks for playing it :) glad you liked it :)

As usual, your games are a masterpiece for my taste buds :) They are the right amount of time for me, they are interesting to explore, with interesting new stuff to find and acquire :)

I am trying to simplify it a little by decreasing the screen speed and decrease the amount of hard puzzles appearing :)

Thanks a lot :) I know it is very difficult, sorry about that but all puzzles have a solution :) it is the time stress of the moving screen :)

Thank you, I did that long time ago :) glad it still is interesting till now :)

that is good :) glad you like it :)

Sorry about that but I think it is easier on because there is not much frameskip :)

Cute demo, I like the idea behind it. My only problems:

- the slow movement of the player actions/movement - it make me just hold the button and wait for a long time

- climbing needs W and R, I think it should be directly happen when you walk toward the area to climb without W since you can't push objects around. If you can push objects around then it make sense in its current form.

Thanks a lot for supporting HTML version of the game :)

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed playing it :) having a third option is a good idea but I avoided it because I was trying to stay true to my feelings at the time, I never had a third option in my head. I only had these two options that always make stuff worse. And only when both of these choices disappear, the third option appeared :)

so far, it is really cool zelda-like game, I am still playing it but I think there is some stuff that can make it a lot better. overall, it is a great game :) 

- Faster attack animation

- Faster movement

- Boss battles in the dungeon should have a different track to give you feeling that this is not just ordinary room

- The snake boss got stuck in the upper right corner and didn't move which made it easy to kill

- sound effect when you hit the boss

thank you, will try to do that in the near future :)

Will you provide an osx or webversion in the future?

I don't have a mouse, I am playing with the keyboard and trackpad, is there a gamepad support or making the shoot a keyboard button instead of only left click because i can't press both at the same time.

Good luck, I wish I can play ur game :) it looks awesome :)

if you compile to HTML5 game then you can wrap it using Web2Executable which won't require having OSX but you can test its performance or something :) Hope this helps.

I wish I can play that game, may osx version or html paid version might be helpful :)

I don't know if that an intended behavior but I wanted to ask about that. Sorry if I sound like a newbie.

The first one is if you have a decal layer and selected an object and then changed the level from the side panel the selection will be always highlighted and can't even be removed unless you go back to the previous page. Here a picture of the empty selection:

The other behavior was, I created a new value in the decal layer called parallax

If you add an object in that layer, there is no way I can edit this value. Here is a picture for it:

Sorry if these were intended behavior and I didn't get them.

Cute game, loved the art style, it is a little short before using anything from the hat beside the key manifestation. I was expecting to learn more words to generate fire to burn the trees that is blocking the way but I was surprised by this tiny worm want to go its mother :) Good luck with the game :)

I wish for an OSX build, looks like an amazing metrodivania :)

Thank you so much sorry for not looking around before posting this error :)

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I am using OSX Majove 10.14.6 and whenever I try to run the game, I get the following error in a pop up window and not run

"Unable to find the game:"

I am pretty excited to play that game :)

That is pretty amazing you, should do something bigger with it :) I think it is good without the swallow ability. Also, love the art style :) I would love to collaborate with you at some day :)

thanks a lot :) glad you liked it

First of amazing art, I wish I can do such a good job like you :) I love the idea behind that game using money as universal token for spell casting and trading for items. Interesting idea but I think it needs some balancing so the players not by mistake waste all their money on the level. Also, maybe start with some money and shop at the beginning with one simple enemy so you don't lose health on the first level :)

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Love the art direction and how smooth and clean is it. The game idea is interesting and I like it (especially becz I am working on a bombing style borughlike game). My only problem is I feel the bomb is under utilized because the main goal is to find the exit not kill the monsters. I think the game work in the current format. But I am curious to see what will happen if the player have a detonate button (place and detonate) instead of just place.

Great job overall :)

Great pico8 game as usual :) remind me of your previous game (Gob) mixed with (Metrash). My only problem is because there is no map and the game is always drive the sense of exploration, I never go back and explore and if feels more of one direction. I don't know if that was intended feeling or not but I always feel lost after awhile and can't find more cannon heads or food. Maybe you should consider having more of these items easy to find but make the cannons durable (go out after certain amount of charges).

Overall great game :)

This is amazing concept :) I love it, it has so much potential but why not always deposit all you money at the bank then withdraw it. It is not clear the effect of having mixed coin especially because there is no animation of which coin is head and which one is tails :) maybe this random luck part should not be there or reduced by making the damage happen if at least one coin landed head which give me a reason to add more of the same coin because I have more chance to do more damage and at the same time making the idea of having pennies is good as it will add small damage but will increase the odds of landing a hit.

Great work, let me know if you continue working on it :) I would love to help if you are up to it :)

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Love the art, so clean and so nice and clear and have a new and modern look. I like that everything is one hit to die. I wish there was a way to cancel selected skill (for skill 2). I though hitting capital letters will make them be small letter and it is a way of showing health but that didn't happen which made me feel sad. Overall, great entry :)

This is a great game, I had that idea for the longest time but didn't have the courage to implement it as I always think, it won't be fun or strategies might not be fun to play around and the game might feel very confusing. It is a little confusing when it is happening in the game but overall I enjoyed it.

Maybe you could have pause and move step by step so I can see what is happening.

looks and feels great and I can see the inspiration from Cinco Paus :)

Great job :)

Interesting concept of using the hook as combat mechanic. I think you can make the game easier without all these confirmations that is making the movement and firing the hook not very smooth. But overall great entry :)

glad you liked it and got that highscore :)

When did you do that game? Just curious :)

That is pretty interesting :) loved the idea :) each shrine with a different effect which make you need to understand them over multiple runs unless the effects also shuffle with the runs which will force you to try to understand them in a single run :) Like that enemies don't die, they are like the ghosts of pacman just return to their base :)

Also you can release it as .love file which runs on my platform :) "Eat Girl" did that and it works amazing :)

feel free to send me anything to test on OSX

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Congratulations :) yaaaay very excited :) what about osx version? I think it is easy since u r using love :)

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Looks amazing, are u planning on releasing the osx version, here?

thanks a lot :) I am going to check it :)