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thanks a lot :) glad that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot for creating the walkthrough :) I am so happy that u enjoyed the game :)

the starting location if you destroy the top right cactus and the bottom left cactus only, it will appear ;)

Yup :) made a version for them :)

Thanks a lot :) glad you enjoyed it :)

That reminds me of serious sam double d xxl :) great job of creating that game in 5 hours :) that is really amazing work :)

thanks a lot :) glad u liked it :)

yup John Romero game before Doom :D

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it :) yup, the coins are all hidden through paths or solving very bizarre puzzles on the overall world :)

That is a pretty amazing game :) I didn't know where to go after I got speed and killed the big boss thing as I went off-screen for a while until my oxygen is done.

Amazing pixel art and usage of the small number of pixels. Also, the game exploration style reminds me of the jetpack mechanic in Nymph's Tower (

Great job :)

This is a pretty amazing game, I wanted to finish the demo but the collisions are a little annoying. 

It would be amazing to make the collision boxes of either the player or enemies smaller so it doesn't feel it is pixel perfect and I get damaged because of a very tiny pixel difference.

Overall, love the whole design, read your articles about the world design of the game and it is incredible :) Just repeating a long sequence of the game made me feel I either need to play it in an emulator with save states so I don't need to do all of that or maybe add more save points :)

A minor suggestion: I think you could change the health to be hearts like zelda instead of value since the smallest damage is always 25 :) 

Thanks again for creating this game and looking forward for the final version :)

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Thanks a lot :) Glad you enjoyed the game :) I have been thinking of that part with someone suggesting that seeds either:

1- erase the tile underneath it when it appears

2- protect you from damage when you take it, so regardless of the tile

The first solution is more consistent with the rules but the second give it more deep strategy but complicate the simplicity of the rules :)

Just edited the game and went with the simpler option which seeds erase the underlying color tiles :)

Thanks a lot :)

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Just added something to keep the highscore between rounds so you can see what is the best you can do :)

Thanks again for playing the game :)

Thanks a lot, that sounds like a good idea :) maybe streaks give you bonus points :)

That is a pretty amazing demo :) Loved every second of it, My only problem was difficulty curve and save points and repeating certain areas over and over because the save point is far away from where I need to go but it was not that much of a big problem, minor thing :)

Looking forward for the full game, this is pretty nice and cute and I really loved it :) Thanks for creating it :)

Yup but I made u can move over old colored tiles that same color as you and not block yourself.

Someone was saying maybe you can get invulnerablity for x steps with each seed. I am thinking about that. Sounds a nice way.

Thanks a lot, I just updated the game so it is easier and more interesting to strategize for :)

Thanks again for trying it :)

Just did that and I still get "The application "" can't be opened".

I am using Monterey version 12.0.1, maybe it will work after upgrading to 12.1 but I just want to let you know if that is not related to the os upgrade.

I have been trying to run the macOS copy but it always say the app is damaged, I even tried the steam version and it have the same problem what should I do?

I love the level design and the minimalism in using the mechanics to introduce new levels, my only problem is it is very pixel perfect (which is not my taste) which is why it is not easy to grasp for me and get comfortable with.  Also, going out of the screen from the top sometimes is confusing if the jump is not that high and makes me get confused because the sign where are you, have the same symbol of your character. But overall, that is an amazing game, with amazing level design, minimal mechanics that interact with each other, great art and music, and SFX. I would recommend it for platformer fans :) 

That is a masterpiece, I missed mini metrodivanias that are well designed and everything is perfect. They were common during the flash era with REDDER, Escape From the Underworld, etc.

This is incredibly designed, it is a masterpiece, of course, I got certain upgrades out of order which made my life a lot harder but overall that is amazing and rendered one of the upgrades not that much used but overall that is amazing.

You should finish and polish it and charge for it, that is an incredible game.

This is brilliant :) loved every second of it :)

Thanks, glad that you enjoyed it :)

you can upload the swf file instead of the Air file as we can use flash debugger to run the game easier :)

Good job, it reminds me with Sokobond by Draknek and Friends ( and Herding Cats by Anna Anthropy (

I think having an undo feature will be amazing than just reset because sometimes you do a small accident that you want to undo it but not the whole play trace :) but overall good job for creating a nice atmosphere :)

the jumping mechanics where you stop going up when you remove the key reminds me with might bomb jack and anna's anothropy take on it: Mighty Jill Off :) Overall, Well done :)

I played a little of the game, wooow that is really good, love the controls and art and all these tiny details in the game :) Great game :) I wish it did well for you :) Did you try to market it on steam?

Thanks for reminding me, now I will be able to get it :) sorry was busy and it slip out of my mind :)

Thanks a lot :) I am glad you enjoyed it :)

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thank you :) good luck with the jam and thanks for inviting me :)

That was the intention :) #LoveWins

unfortunately, it is still happening :( I know you might be exhausted from the release so take ur time and I will be waiting to buy the game :)

Still the same, btw I am testing the demo before buying the full game :)

Don't worry :) Take your time :)

Happens on anything other than the splash screens and the UI buttons and the pause menu.

For some reason, I am having the whole screen blurred except for UI items

Thanks a lot :) and great work :)

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For some reason, my bug stopped planting the vine trees and I fall from the upper area to the bottom one and can't plant vines to get back up :(

I fell originally because I planted a vine in the area in the cave that goes all the way up through the narrow area and then took the Lilly seed to cross the lake. Followed by reaching up using the vine leaves but I couldn't cross the small gap so I thought I missed something down so I went down and now I got stuck, can't plant seeds to go up again and I am in the desert area.

But overall, amazing game, Love the vibes, the aesthetics, it was one of the reasons, I got the care package bundle :)

That worked thanks a lot :)