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Cole Dunham

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Hi! There's no ending to the game as of right now and I don't think we're going to add one. Something weird happened to the game files near the last day of the jam that won't let us edit them so we would have to remake a bunch of stuff before we could add anything new. Sorry if you were hoping for one but I hope you enjoyed the game at least!

Very fun game, I found myself wanting to catch all the different kinds of animals. The music is really catchy and everything fits together nicely. 

Ooh, great Pico8 game! I like how you have to plan all of your movements to avoid taking damage. Very challenging game but also very rewarding!

Cool take on the Pokemon formula! I like how you have to maneuver the trainer around to avoid getting hit. The randomized starters and map layout fit into a roguelike pretty well. The game kept freezing after some of my turns though, forcing me to reload the page so I could try again. Good job overall!

Really? The rockets seemed to work fine in testing. Thanks for playing though, hope you at least had some fun!

Thanks! Guess we forgot to put all the controls in the help text. The full control list is in the itch page description now!