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I finally tried this and it's amazing!

That would be great!

And you are the same jtolmar, I didn't realise. Yes, it's me and I still think it was unfair that Hero Trap didn't end up much higher in the results. :D It was a massive, polished, hard and very clever game.
But I see you didn't run out of good ideas. :) Pinball Dungeon seems well-suited as an Android roguelike, and I say roguelike intentionally - it's great how you managed to uphold all the "standards" of a roguelike, even if the turns are a bit unconventional.

Very fun!

I probably find fighter's directional shield to be the most interesting ability to plan your movement around - it's surprisingly versatile with how you can deflect enemies away, even into spikes.

Is it just me or are the 'B' and 'N' movement keys switched?

This is insane and awesome. :) The start of every game is just a scramble to learn how to move before the monsters get you. The inventory management is interesting and actually quite tactical and fun, with you having to think about which item should be left up on top. The spells are an icing on a cake. :D

The commands to break your weapon and open your artery are just evil. :D I'm really surprised you didn't include commands to rotate the view, as that would confuse the heck out of players.

I would also really like if number keys could be included in possible keybindings, because that would make re-binding some commands easier to manage. Even if it would mean more obscure commands to fill all the numbers.

Overall, as great game as ever, as original as ever. I will have to play it more to actually survive more than just three or four floors.


The end-game definitely looks intense with a huge crowd of enemies in a small space, and it would be much harder if more of them had weapons. In my experience, they were mostly unarmed, with several knife and bat users, and precious few actually dangerous people with firearms. All the enemies are quite adept at killing each other, so if you can manage to hang back for a bit, they do most of the work for you. But of course, that's the point of battle royale. :)

Maybe if you spawned several guns in the centre of the map, so that there would be more guaranteed gunslingers in the end-game?

For the movement, maybe you could add some switch between planned and auto moves? With auto moves on, you would automatically execute and end your turn whenever you would have too few energy for another action, so it would feel like going around in any other roguelike. You could then switch to planned moves in dangerous situations.

This is great! Once I figured out the way energy worked and what actions could be combined into one turn, I realized how elegant system it is. I like how you can carefully sidestep and dance around your enemies, even though it can be a bit cumbersome when you only have to run down a corridor.

I also thought that the Void will be an instakill, so I was pleasantly surprised it only slowly drains health. I eventually hoarded some medikits and camped out in the Void for a short time as the rest of the players in the last room exhausted their ammo and I could then finish them without the risk of getting shot at from multiple people. :)

It's fun, polished, the Void looks really cool and the energy system is interesting. It's rather easy if you play carefully, but could become much harder if you don't find any weapon near the start and have to survive unarmed.

I uploaded a Windows binary, would you mind testing if it works OK? :)

I just now realized I can't spell...

This is fun. I also liked how you extinguish the torches just to have them re-lit again. I also found the game rather easy once I figured out that blood makes enemies suspicious and you should clean it after you kill someone. I eventually ended up showing myself to one enemy at time, drawing them from the group to a corner, hiding for a second to get them back to unaware (they loose interest really, really quickly) and then instakilling them with sneak attack.

The techniques are cool, but I never really needed anything but Harvest. I used Vanish once or twice to get out of trouble, but I would survive even without it. Conceal and Meditate have unfortunately never seen use.

Overall, I really like how this game works - the stealth mechanics are solid and even though the enemies let you come close enough for a sneak attack a bit too easily, I liked executing them in a fountain of gore. :)

Very nice and polished traditional roguelike. A bit too easy for my tastes, though - some levels can be crossed without encountering a single demon, the cooldown on your banishing spell increases rather slowly, there are plenty of wards and potions of refreshment, plus demons never come in groups so you can easily retreat until you get your instakill attack off the cooldown. The only truly dangerous demons are the archfiends, who on the other hand have a very, very nice attack!

But take this with a grain of salt - I think that any game that doesn't kill me several times before I learn how to get at least into mid-game is too easy. :) I won this game on the first try, and if the dev wanted to make a post-challenge release, I would love to play it again with spawn rates increased and ideally with even more demons spawned immediately after picking up the Star Ruby.

I will, once I get a good one. :D

Thanks, it's not much but I had fun making it.

Very nice! I like how the distance counter creates a feeling of tension even though the racing is turn-based, because you know you have to overtake someone as the distance to finish grows short.