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Jam Theme! Sticky

A topic by Stand Off Software created Sep 09, 2018 Views: 906 Replies: 8
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The theme of the jam is: Ethical Dilemma. 

The game must be based on a situation in which there is no clearly ethical way to proceed and must have at least two different endings based on player choices regarding the dilemma.

The dilemma can be comical or light-hearted, or serious but it must be what the game's plot is centered around.


Loving this theme!

Good luck to all :)


Marry me or have your whole family dead


I too would pick smash


I have a serious dilemma about what kind of story do ...comical or serius?

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Someone is faced with a problem and all options available seem to be unethical or bad.

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Yes. In fact, I think every single game made takes inspiration from other games. Just don't, ya know, directly copy it.

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I like this theme :)

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Distinguished admin can you arrange a vote for the extension of the Jam? one more week would be very handy :)