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Thx :)

Amazing tower defense! Amazing sounds and graphics! I kill 3000+ enemies :)

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Distinguished admin can you arrange a vote for the extension of the Jam? one more week would be very handy :)

I did it

Thanks for feedback! :)

"Yeah, I used tab to get in but I forgot about that." :D :D :D

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Wow! Thank you for such an extensive feedback! :) It really motivates me to continue to engage in gamedev.

"English text needs some cleaning up in the Intro". Yes, I agree with this. My english is bad cause I'm from Russia and I try to learn English in my spare time. But most of the text I translate using machine translation :)

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Hello! You can send the prize to

Webmoney: Z376455770479



But I from Russia, and I have russian ruble account on PayPal (so if you can't to send to PayPal, try send to Webmoney)

P.S. Thank for this GameJam, it is was my first participation on this site. And I liked it! :)

And you  can skip the "super duper long intro" :) Press "space" or "enter"

I also tested it on Microsoft Edge. All ok. But I don't know how it works on Mozilla Firefox or something else. And i recommend using Google Chrome.

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Thanks for feedback! :) Yes :c I get some bags in last version, but i have no time now for fix it :c

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Thanks for feedback! :)

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Thanks for feedback! :)