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3 kb?

A topic by Roadhammer Gaming created Mar 05, 2018 Views: 172 Replies: 12
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How can a game be made with a size of 3kb? Is that really possible?

Woah 1 minute ago.. I JUST checked.. then joined.. then saw this.

I'm thinking pico-8, or a javascript game with no external scripts.

Says frameworks are allowed - is the 3k limit including the framework? That may exclude about... all of them.

The game jam has the hashtag #Code golfing. Does that mean the source code and not the final product has to be 3 KB? Or something else? 3 KB seems very small for an game executable.

Host (2 edits)

Only the source code needs to be 3kb. Sorry about the confusion. Learn more about code golfing here!

ahh ok thanks


Your welcome!

Does the 3kb include textures and sprites or just the source code?

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No just the source code. But please supply a link to the source code so I can download and verify. 

These rules are really hard to follow. All of this info needs to be on the main page.


You guys do not need to do that as it is not on the main page. Just keep the source code below 3kb.

So does this mean we need to include our source with our game ?


Oh, I built my entire game in under 3 kilobytes.


Jared no but that would be nice