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I am pretty new to Unity but I have a bunch of experience with Javascript / canvas / phaser. I am hoping to work on a new Unity project so I can learn it quickly. Let me know if anyone wants to share ideas and possibly team up! Discord: Jeezle#5973

Any issues having a background color behind the characters?

Green block with :. as the text for grass ect.

I'm planning on using telnet (and possibly xtermjs) which will be fully text based, but will be pretty convincing that it's a graphic.

I am using an Apple bluetooth keyboard paired to my Note 9.
In all other apps, the arrow keys function as expected.
In TIC80 they appear to be bound in the same was as the escape key.
I've seen a few other posts regarding keyboards on android, but nobody is reporting this same issue.


Love the log cabin stuff!

I am trying to find some more time to work on my project, and could use a hand with pixel art if you are still not locked into a team already.

Let me know if you want to chat about ideas!

Haha thanks for playing!

Lots of great ideas suggested by these fine folks. Appreciate the feedback!

Appreciate the kind words! Should be easy to add the things you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to add your feedback!

This is some great feedback! Will see about making some tweaks once the hackathon stuff is wrapped up!


Thanks for the heads up! Just pushed a fix.

In regard to the build command: 

You'll need to find a blueprint for an item, let's say a drill, then type "build drill".

It will list the required parts, and indicate which ones you have. If you are good to go it will ask  you if you are sure you want to build that item using the tool you have equipped. If you confirm, you will attempt the build. If you have enough skill you will likely succeed. 

Dismantling things, as well as building things, will boost your assembly skill.

Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks! The whole idea started with the concept of having to trade with other players - but the interface for that got really confusing and I waited far too long to try to implement it. Appreciate the feedback on the common area! Will likely push some updates after the judging period is closed. Thanks again!

Windows download is being flagged as dangerous by chrome :|

Buddy and I played this for a bit and really enjoyed it! Nice work!

Woah 1 minute ago.. I JUST checked.. then joined.. then saw this.

I'm thinking pico-8, or a javascript game with no external scripts.

Says frameworks are allowed - is the 3k limit including the framework? That may exclude about... all of them.

Lost and found 

Ha! Thanks Jupiter :D

I've made some adjustments to make it a little more fast paced. Was really fun watching you work out the concept for sure.

Your series is such a great idea, definitely inspires me to keep posting stuff I'm working on!

Came to ask same question about using a dice, or having to make it. I'm good with cutting it out :)

Thanks for the question, and the answer!

Towerfall! Nice work on this! I've been looking around for a good place to start with platform controls -- what you have here is done really well.  Any chance you can post the p8 file? Hoping to learn from it.


Thanks everyone, I'll check out BASin :)

I'm interested in joining this jam, but I have no experience with ZX Spectrum Basic :)

I have done some things in pico-8, and work full time as a javascript developer so these things should help me out.. but I have so much to learn, and that part is exciting. :D 
I spend a lot of time writing stuff in qbasic way back, so I'm sure to have an overwhelming amount of nostalgia power me through.

Should I spend time experimenting with something like this: https://www.worldofspectrum.or...
or does that go against the spirit of the code jam? I'll certainly be tinkering with straight up basic, but wondering if an "engine" is more or less cheating for this event.



I'll be out of town tho.. I realized that after I posted :(

At least it's vegas 8)

maybe ill throw something together still :D

Hoping to have time to join in on this. :)

How are the ideas assigned/selected? Is there a list I can check out?


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I've thrown together a tool that lets me build pico-8 games using multiple files, and include them with an @import "something" syntax.

Wanted to share this with folks here, but after I built it I thought to myself.. what if its is baked in and I just missed it? :O

Heres what this tool allows for:

Inside my carts folder I have a folder called apps, with a folder for each project

The folder structure for mygame, and code is as follows


@import "foo"
@import "bar"
print("hello from _main.lua!")


print("hello from foo.lua!")


print("hello from bar.lua!")

The tool replaces any @import statement with the contents of the file mentioned.

It watches for changes across any file in the mygame directory

replaces the __lua__ portion of the mygame.p8 file with the resulting code, and rebuilds mygame.p8


print("hello from foo.lua!")
print("hello from bar.lua!")
print("hello from _main.lua!")

You still use the sprite, map, sfx, and music tabs of PICO-8, but you have to forfeit the code tab and use an external editor. I use Sublime Text 3.

The tool is written in nodejs (since im a javascript developer by trade) so you will need that to run.

Let me know if I've totally reinvented the wheel on this, or if you guys are interested in helping me test/distribute this :)


Awesome, I've submitted it as of now :)

I'm seeing a lot of other folks projects getting updates, I too am updating my entry. When are you shooting to bundle these? And is it within the rules to continue to work and keep updates flowing?

This is really fun, nice work!

Oh nice! I'll post it in a bit. Thanks

Not at all worried about getting votes, but do want to share!

I think I just missed submission :(

Can i still submit?