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Hey Zyro, you up for commissions ?

Can we export it as a 3D model instead of a sprite ?
Can we add our own customized clothing & colors ?

Does this have walking or running animations ?>

Possibly get an offline version ?? 

can't export any image, even the defaults :3

cel7 community · Created a new topic Learning fe?

Lol, are there any resources on actually learning fe ?

tiny coffee community · Created a new topic Community ?

Do you have a discord or community forums ?

Lol, a game about your typical SJW.

Cool tileset, but I was hoping to get that character portrait :(

Could you show more on how you did the planet? I would love anything releated to that!

add a windows version.... browser games are trash. .

your games are awesome man and the fact that you made all these with your own little engine written in C is too cool.

Where would you suggest someone to start if they want to learn c to use your engine ?

This is pretty cool!
How did you get a python executable to only 22mb ?!

Welcome to the end of the world.

These looks great, are there multiple directions of them or are they single like the thumbnail?

This is a great one, would love to see more in this style.

Strange, I do have it installed :3 It loads up but after the unity web loader finishes it just directs to a pure purple page.

Game does not load for me :(

God these are beautiful, more please? xD

Cool, would love to see more naruto based art, sprites, tiles etc.

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Wonderful tool! for some reason though the text used on the interface is a bit blurry and i'm not sure why, other than that it works exactly as I need it to :D

This is freaking amazing ! :D

I'm big into cardistry & sleight of hand & would love to have a physical copy of this deck, Really beautiful art man.

Purchased. :)

This is just fucking trash you sand monkey.

This is really cool! What did you program this in ??

Is 2.0 going to have networking ?? :D

Oh wow! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! :D after watching your video I now wish I had polished this up a bit lol as it's far more of a prototype idea, I didn't even add enemy sprites :P

Hey, thanks for the reply and I will keep my eye on the github page, what I meant by "no point" is that if you ever in the future decide you no longer care for the project or something like that, and someone uses this library for long-term development & runs into a bug specifically in the Tilengine, then that person is kinda screwed :P

Tilengine community · Created a new topic Open source?

It seems there has been no update in about 73 days, are we going to get the source opened ?
otherwise there is no point in using this library.

So does this mean we need to include our source with our game ?

Hey! I'm really glad you liked this little demo-game!! and yeah I do plan to extend this into something that is actually playable lol, by time I got to the enemy side of things I pretty much duct taped things together to have something to show for the jam, I have already completely re-made the enemy spawning, artwork, movement during & after waves as well as them attacking the player and the player having a "knock-back effect" when hit by an enemy.

Balancing is something I am really not good at so I usually have my friends play through it and see how much they can break and I will be doing that as well in about a week! :D

Thank you so much for this! 

Hey man, thanks for the comment! I can't seem to replicate that bug :( What version of the game did you try ? the windows build or the html build ?

Probably the funniest game submitted into this jam xD I do wish the energy bar did not run out so fast so I felt like I was actually accomplishing something when I get from point a to b. The music never got old and just kept making me laugh. I enjoyed this :D

The concept of this is absolutely wonderful, playing a platform game based where you can switch through current development phases/times. The only things that bugged me was the camera and the jumping, the Camera speed from left to right was way to fast & the jump went way to high, but i'm just nit picking xD Overall, amazing concept & a great game, I hope you continue development on this one I would love to see where it goes.

One of the biggest things I really like about this game is the simple fast paced arcade style of gameplay, my only problem is that I could never get past 30k points but that could of been me just sucking at the game lol :D Overall great job man!