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2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games · By megamarc

Open source?

A topic by Jared created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 373 Replies: 2
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It seems there has been no update in about 73 days, are we going to get the source opened ?
otherwise there is no point in using this library.


Hi Jared,

Updates are more frequent in GitHub project, I only update packages here on major revisions. Is your development project stuck because Tilengine has closed parts? If so let me know. However you're always free to chose another library that better suits your needs. What is of "no point" for you may be very different for other people.

Kind regards,

Hey, thanks for the reply and I will keep my eye on the github page, what I meant by "no point" is that if you ever in the future decide you no longer care for the project or something like that, and someone uses this library for long-term development & runs into a bug specifically in the Tilengine, then that person is kinda screwed :P