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Survive a deal with the devil.
Submitted by Jared (@jaredplus) — 5 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Give a brief description of your game:
Survive as long as you can through 3 waves of the devils spawn, every shot you take that doesn't kill an enemy will reduce your life span & age your appearance, but almost every enemy you kill will reward you with different levels of youth or even more age!!

More info on the actual game's page.

What controls do you need to use?
W.A.S.D for movement & Left click to shoot. P to mute the background music.

How did you bring the theme of Time into your entry?
Time is the overarching mechanic for the game, the ammo you shoot is equal to the time & age of your players life.

What was the most interesting part about making the game?
Connecting objects to the age & time of a players life span & then connecting those two variables to the players actual appearance

Anything else to add?
The difficulty in this upload is meant to be easy for the jam, so the time of enemy waves is very small :D I did not want to make it overly difficult "yet". I uploaded a windows binary as well as a HTML5 version. (PS. It might be best to use the windows builds, the HTML version might be buggy!)

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Very nice game! I included it in my Games Plus Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out. :)


I was excited to play after watching James play. Fun game! Felt like an Asteroids game where you can't just stand in the middle. It's a game I would keep playing if you tuned it up. I found myself thinking. Do they all need to come right at me all the time, can't they just float around a little. Can there be some 'good' squares the heal me. Can I start out just a little younger.

Thanks for the game. Neat idea, Great execution in a GameJam setting!


Hey! I'm really glad you liked this little demo-game!! and yeah I do plan to extend this into something that is actually playable lol, by time I got to the enemy side of things I pretty much duct taped things together to have something to show for the jam, I have already completely re-made the enemy spawning, artwork, movement during & after waves as well as them attacking the player and the player having a "knock-back effect" when hit by an enemy.

Balancing is something I am really not good at so I usually have my friends play through it and see how much they can break and I will be doing that as well in about a week! :D


Very interesting game! Really love the art and sound, and the concept. But I kept running into a little bug where the current wave would randomly go away and the next wave wouldn't start D: Great job though!!


Hey man, thanks for the comment! I can't seem to replicate that bug :( What version of the game did you try ? the windows build or the html build ?


I played the HTML version :)