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I was excited to play after watching James play. Fun game! Felt like an Asteroids game where you can't just stand in the middle. It's a game I would keep playing if you tuned it up. I found myself thinking. Do they all need to come right at me all the time, can't they just float around a little. Can there be some 'good' squares the heal me. Can I start out just a little younger.

Thanks for the game. Neat idea, Great execution in a GameJam setting!


Hey! I'm really glad you liked this little demo-game!! and yeah I do plan to extend this into something that is actually playable lol, by time I got to the enemy side of things I pretty much duct taped things together to have something to show for the jam, I have already completely re-made the enemy spawning, artwork, movement during & after waves as well as them attacking the player and the player having a "knock-back effect" when hit by an enemy.

Balancing is something I am really not good at so I usually have my friends play through it and see how much they can break and I will be doing that as well in about a week! :D