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You can make a game about reading a book

Thanks for your comment Lunatic Dancer. I agree with this being quite a 'non-game with nothing to it' but that was both an artistic statement, as you put it, AND being an important experience for future games of mine and their combined lore. Even so, this game has meaning, and that's all that's really needed :)

Cool. I am glad that I can, it opens up more possibilities :)

Would I be able to use the touch part though (not with the keys obviously). Like having the two sides of the screen be the two buttons or something like that?

I think I know the answer to this but I might as well as anyway just in case.

I was wondering if it has to be exactly the same two buttons no matter who plays the game (built into the game I guess you could say) or can the user specify what buttons to use. For example, the first two buttons that the player presses ARE the two buttons for the game. I hope this makes sense.

Also, I want the player to be able to choose between touch controls or key presses at the start of the game. My idea was that the player can start the game by pressing on the screen if they wanted to play with with touch controls (which would be tapping on either side of the screen to control the game play so I hope that counts as only two buttons, please let me know if it isn't by the way) or if the player wanted to use the keyboard instead, they can just press the two buttons they wanted to use and the game uses them instead.

I could have only the keyboard controls but I wanted my game to be accessible on more than just desktops.

I found this a few seconds ago and I thought it was a brilliant thing to be a part of though I am WAY late to this and therefore wouldn't have much time if I were to try so I have a question to see if I can indeed take part.

It says 'write a story' but does it have to specifically be a story? Or can I just simply write something to do with LGBT? Because I won't have time to write a story yet I have an idea that I would be able to accomplish in this time. It's more of a short story(?) but it isn't narrative or anything like that.

Game Off 2018 community · Created a new topic LibGDX

Hey everyone, I've been using LibGDX for a while and I was wondering if anyone else would be using it for this Game Jam. I love it to bits and I was wondering if anyone else does too :)

Good luck to everyone :D

Yeah I know how to make ,jar files, I was just wondering if I am able to use a .exe because it would work much easier with the game I am making.

Would we be able to use Launch4J to make it a .exe executable file so it opens in the command window upon executing it (Without having to run it in command prompt, terminal etc)

An extra month would be great since I have a lot of studying and assignments due in the next week or two so I can't work too much on this. My idea that I have is unique (I hope ahaha) and it may take a bit longer to figure out exactly how it all works. Though if others are against the extra time it's all good too :)

Could you also explain what you mean exactly by a live Q/A online call since I am not sure exactly what that means? Do you mean a voice chat, video chat or livestream? And by feedback do you mean testing some games or do you mean that you will just answer questions that people have? Either way I think that would be a good idea (assuming I have read that right).

Could we get more time??

Does it specifically have to be a text based game? Or can I make a game which has the main mechanic inside of a console window but isn't all within the console? Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

Thank you :)

Thanks for the comment :D

I realized the same when I was making the game that it starts to hurt your eyes if you invert enough times but I had no real control over that. I am glad you enjoyed it :)

This is the best game I have played in a long time and that isn't exaggerating. I've always wanted to play a game like this but I couldn't find one that got it right, I finally found one and I am super happy about it.

The typical problem when people try to make games like this is that they leave too much to repeat over and over and it gets tedious and boring but this game did it perfectly and I seemed to gain progress quite often (but not too often so that's also good) and the first time I grabbed that suitcase it filled me with so much adrenaline and it was amazing :D

I really really want to see more added to this game since it was just an utter amazing experience (Something I don't say too often)

Thanks for your comment :D

I tried to add more levels but whenever I did, I ran into quite a bit of problems which I had to spend ages trying to fix. I am planning (assuming that I'm allowed) to have an update which has more and more levels because it was really fun to make.

Minimalistic Jam 3 community · Created a new topic Updates

If we submit early, can we still update the game before the submissions close? I want to have at least something submitted just in case something goes wrong.

Perhaps maybe a mind map thingo??

Is it a text based game using the console such as using System.out.println()?

Thanks for the feedback :D I will try to fix all these up post jam because I felt the same way about most of your points but I couldn't add much more in the extremely limited time I had to work on the game.

Thank you for playing :D I will most likely update the game with those things (maybe more) in the very near future since it was a blast to make :)

Niice xD

(1 edit)

This game was frustrating XD. It took me 10 minutes for figure out how it even worked (I should've checked this page since it says it right there lol) It was great while my friends screamed into my ear about how bad I was at it. It was the best 20 minutes of bullshit (Not that the game is bullshit, it's just the situation I was in) that I have ever had in my life :D

My original plan was to make a whole bunch more colors and mechanics such as teleporters (which the pink/purple was originally but I couldn't get it to work properly so I changed it), speed boosters, launch pads, a small jetpack like thing to glide and I was going to add enemies which you can only attack when you're red but stuff got in the way sadly.

Thanks for playing :D I would've added some sound and more levels if I didn't have 20 thousand school assignments due this weekend, I tried my hardest to get this much done.

Current day issues

Mental Health 

This is great, Especially with friends screaming in your ear about how terrible you are xD

Maybe it uses your time zone instead

Cool :D

Cool :D

Can I use this in my game? If so do I need to credit you or anything like that? :)

Niiice xD

This was amazing!