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FEEDBACK: Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Sticky

A topic by cloudyheavengames created Jun 06, 2018 Views: 184 Replies: 20
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Please let me know here if there's any questions, or anything you'd like to see done differently so far.  You can also message me if you want.  Thanks!


I guess I'm just wondering if there are any specific libraries we should add for game development besides everything that comes with the Java installation?

Besides that, I'd like to mention that I think this is a cool idea! I have experience/knowledge of object-oriented programming in Java, but have yet to use it to develop a game, I'm excited to learn.

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Thanks, I'm glad you like the idea!

My original plan was to focus on the plain installation (no additional libraries), and start with text-based games, so that people could really get a good grounding in the basics of Java.  Especially since some people might be expecting to take AP Computer Science in the fall semester.  That course generally doesn't have the most "interesting" material, according to many of my students, so I thought this would be a good way to make the basics more fun.

That being said, I understand there's different skill levels, so if you have some Java experience already, I can make a post with some game libraries you might want to use.  The other thing is if we were to move to graphics (if there's time over the summer series), I was going to look at using Java Swing GUI library (no additional libraries or installations required, it comes with the basic install).

If you or anyone else would like, let me know your skill level and what you'd like to learn about, and I can find ways to work that in.

I'll be posting more material here this week, but in case, you're interested, I started talking about Java and JRPG-style games here:


@rogue64 I actually believe I have some Swing stuff I used to teach a student.  It would focus on events (button clicks, text box changes, things like that).  If you'd like I can did it up when I get home and start repurposing it for game dev.  Just let me know.

Yeah! I would very much appreciate that if possible


Sure, I can do that.  Bear with me though, please, it takes me a while to do these write-ups, and it's been a busy week.


of course! No rush

Sorry I am a bit lost on what you are doing! I under stand what you are trying to teach and how but I do not understand what you are actually doing with jams.

Is it : You are making three different game jams focused on different elements of game design in Java?

or is it : You are making three different game progressively getting more advanced and harder? ?

or is it :  I am just not getting it and I have it all completely wrong!


Hello, sorry for the confusion!  So the idea is to have a different jam each month, with participants able to do more advanced games as they learn more each month.  The initial thought was that for each month, participants would come up with a new idea to do in 2 weeks.  So three different games that gradually allow you to use the skills you're learning each month.  For example, come July, you can use what you've learned in June AND July to make a more complicated game than you would have in June.  Each month builds on the previous.  It seems like it's kind of combining the two options you mentioned in your post, so you definitely don't have it completely wrong at all :) 

Does that make more sense?  Since this is the first time doing something like this, we can make modifications to the basic idea of the jam as we figure out what works, what doesn't, what needs more explanation, and so on.  So definitely, any questions or feedback that you have is welcome.  It's my job to make sure that I'm being clear and getting you guys the information you need.


Thanks this cleared things up! =)


Is it a text based game using the console such as using System.out.println()?


Hello!  Yes, System.out.println() is good for making text-based games.  

Does it specifically have to be a text based game? Or can I make a game which has the main mechanic inside of a console window but isn't all within the console? Sorry if it doesn't make sense.


Hello!  I was initially setting text-based guideline because graphics is kind of a more advanced topic, but if you feel you want to go beyond that, then great!  I'm curious to see what you come up with :)

Also my apologies for the lack of posting.  There's a major event I've been putting together and planning for, and I haven't been able to keep up as originally planned. 

Do you guys need more time or anything?

Could we get more time??


Sure!  Do you think an extra month is good, or more?

Also, my event is in a few weeks, I was thinking maybe afterwards we could do a live Q/A online call or something.  Does that sound like something you guys would be interested in to ask questions and get some feedback about Java and/or game development?

An extra month would be great since I have a lot of studying and assignments due in the next week or two so I can't work too much on this. My idea that I have is unique (I hope ahaha) and it may take a bit longer to figure out exactly how it all works. Though if others are against the extra time it's all good too :)

Could you also explain what you mean exactly by a live Q/A online call since I am not sure exactly what that means? Do you mean a voice chat, video chat or livestream? And by feedback do you mean testing some games or do you mean that you will just answer questions that people have? Either way I think that would be a good idea (assuming I have read that right).


I was thinking of a conference call, where people could ask Java questions or general game design questions.  My event will be done this weekend, and then I will be back posting regularly, so I'll have more details/ideas soon.

Would we be able to use Launch4J to make it a .exe executable file so it opens in the command window upon executing it (Without having to run it in command prompt, terminal etc)


Hey, sorry I missed know you can make JAR files for Java games, right?  They're pretty similar to executables, just click on them to run.  Does that sound useful for what you're trying to do?  Let me know, I can link a tutorial.

Yeah I know how to make ,jar files, I was just wondering if I am able to use a .exe because it would work much easier with the game I am making.