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Sorry I am a bit lost on what you are doing! I under stand what you are trying to teach and how but I do not understand what you are actually doing with jams.

Is it : You are making three different game jams focused on different elements of game design in Java?

or is it : You are making three different game progressively getting more advanced and harder? ?

or is it :  I am just not getting it and I have it all completely wrong!

Hello, sorry for the confusion!  So the idea is to have a different jam each month, with participants able to do more advanced games as they learn more each month.  The initial thought was that for each month, participants would come up with a new idea to do in 2 weeks.  So three different games that gradually allow you to use the skills you're learning each month.  For example, come July, you can use what you've learned in June AND July to make a more complicated game than you would have in June.  Each month builds on the previous.  It seems like it's kind of combining the two options you mentioned in your post, so you definitely don't have it completely wrong at all :) 

Does that make more sense?  Since this is the first time doing something like this, we can make modifications to the basic idea of the jam as we figure out what works, what doesn't, what needs more explanation, and so on.  So definitely, any questions or feedback that you have is welcome.  It's my job to make sure that I'm being clear and getting you guys the information you need.


Thanks this cleared things up! =)