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I have claimed key #2, Thanks!

Thanks for sharing!


Also If you can post your favourite tree to date that would be great!

Thanks, I will absolutely have a try at that thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for your submission!

Hi do all the games have to be downloadable or can they be online e.g : HTML5 games

Please give me advice for future jams here.

Casino community · Created a new topic FAQ

Please submit any questions here.

Thanks this cleared things up! =)

Sorry I am a bit lost on what you are doing! I under stand what you are trying to teach and how but I do not understand what you are actually doing with jams.

Is it : You are making three different game jams focused on different elements of game design in Java?

or is it : You are making three different game progressively getting more advanced and harder? ?

or is it :  I am just not getting it and I have it all completely wrong!

Thanks for the review I have fixed the player not being able to control the ball.

Thanks I think what you are doing is great keep it up!

Thanks but the music is not mine check out Eric Skiff

ok thank you

The topic is "Bystander" and you want games focused on "Bystander Awareness"  but sometimes it is better not to interfere so could I make a game where you are given scenarios and you need to choose between intervening and telling a trusted adult? 


Pixel Jam community · Created a new topic Pixel Run *Fixed!

Sorry guys I just noticed pixel run doesn't work but lucky I just fixed it and it should work now!

Thank you

Hi there just wondering wether or not games are only being voted on their pixel art.

a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.


ManuGames thanks for the extra time I will need it! =) 

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Hi there I program in vanilla js  if that is ok with you we can be a team.

Thanks I like hiding those. =)


I've got all the game mechanics now the hard part... 

I need to think of art for my game!

Hi guys I just released a game called FIND THE STONES! it is a game where you need to find the stones.  Move with W/A/S/D.  You can find the game here (GAME). I do not have many images but here is one of the title page. HAVE FUN and constructive criticism would be great!


would work best!


The attacks are random if you select Kick you may take away 0hp or 100!

In less than 6kb

Yeah you need to press 1 2 or 3 each key corresponds with a move In the prompt box e.g: Kick, Punch, Uppercut. After you choose your attack it will do a random amount of damage to the opponent. I hope this helps!

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4-5-6kb community · Created a new topic Questions!

Any questions you can put right here!

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Hey guys it would be great if you could please vote. Also if you like the game get ready for 4-5-6kb (basically the same as this game but it gives you more freedom.)  Have a nice game and we will see who wins!