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A topic by Skynoryu created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 315 Replies: 21
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Were is the theme?







No theme, free theme !!! :p
Isn't it ? xD


No, its impossible

Have the rules, we need follow the theme...

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I know. I was joking :p


Yea but its their problem they havent announced thme yet they should have atleast one co owner or admins that are responsibble for that :/ Technically we can do whatever we want also if the owner doesnt have time then why did he chose this time :D


Good question my dier friend .-.


The Theme will be:
Anounced at the beginning.



"The Theme will be anounced at the beginning" ...

The Theme will be...

Maybe, "anounced at the beginning", could be the theme... XD


do you know the theme? my brother

No ... :T

We need theme >:/

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maybe the theme, is to do a game without a theme, a game that cant be classified into anything, no platforming, no metroid-vanias, if someone can clasified ur game, u lose XD

The theme is (puzzle) you have to find out where the jam's creator hid the theme. just kidding :)

i like puzzle, lets just go with that , someone wanna jump in?

Could someone create another game jam for this weekend? we could create a topic and post themes we would like, and then we pick one randomly.

there isnt a real need to create another jam, it would be better to post all the projects in this one, let just aggree on a theme


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Im so sorry about this, somethin hasnt worked u will have time one more day, sorry hope you guys understand

ManuGames thanks for the extra time I will need it! =)