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Cosmic Everyday

Make your projects done with the super-powered organizer · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

Your ideas and suggestions :) Sticky

A topic by Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 603 Replies: 26
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Post your suggestions here ;)

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Sounds Optimization

I know it's not much but..
I have edited your sound files with Audacity to reduce their weight.

Here's the comparison:
Before = ~ 979
After = ~ 731

The big change and now that sounds in WAV format are 16bit.
I cut every silence as nearly as possible.

-Cleaning up at the bass level
-Usage of an filtre EQ cut bass.

Notify & Remove
-Just cut the silences

- Gain reduction (volume) and melt opening

If you want me to send you the files, tell me.
If you want me to send you the files, tell me.

I would like to 😄

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I send you everything via WeTransfer to ""
This is the only one I found that was on your official website.

I made a better optimization by putting a single channel (mono).

Now = ~ 365

So I send you a link!


There is an API to create custom widget (like plugin)


Not yet. What kind of widgets would you create??

I've no idea but I think an API can have many use (like interactive widget, connected action etc... custom think so!)

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I don't know if it's planned to be added but in some apps I'm using Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut and whenever I use it Cosmic Everyday pops up and function in program I'm using is used. I'd love to change this shortcut in Cosmic Everyday to not pop up it when using functions in other apps.

The other thing that I'd love to have in Cosmic Everyday is synchronization between other computers. I'll explain my idea of doing that: if there will be an option to change local user files from .../Local/Cosmic Everyday/ to any other location we could sync our own location using Google Drive for example. Syncing between my two computers will be possible then. Just add an option to change user data location.

Great app so far! Very useful!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I backlogged your suggestion about Ctrl+Shift+E. Maybe will do it this week.

Device sync is what I would love to add too, but for now I have to prepare for exams, so will probably start working on it a month later :c

Using cloud drives is too dangerous because if something is changed (uploaded) from two or more devices in approximately the same time, it will cause conflicts that will be unresolvable by Cosmic Everyday. I think that using bittorrent protocol will be more useful.

Developer (2 edits)

I did some research on syncing databases and managed to do basic database import/export function. It is not syncing yet, but it works like replication, meaning that it can be used many times to renew an existing database without any duplicates or so.

So, if I provide a way to automate these imports/exports, we can get poor man's synchronization with dropbox XD It is more safe than hosting all the user data in a shared folder.

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- Add the posibility to change the date format, in my country we use dd/MM/YYYY and sometimes I get confused with the task dates until I realize it's in MM/dd/YYYY


- Add a Game Design Model like in the hack and plan app please 8D
it will make cosmic everyday my must and only have for management <3 

Hi, i want to make the task in the notebook can be link to an promodo item.

Can you ?


Perhaps maybe a mind map thingo??

Missing nw_elf.dll

I really like the jumbles, but I would kill for a thumbnail grid preview of them all


It will be great if cards will be with preview (thumbnails) of the attached images!

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I'm using Cosmic Everyday  for a few hours for now, and I miss a few things like comments in cards. Sometimes I find a bug, or do something to test and probably I will forget it later, so I'd like to comment it to the future me. Also the possibility to add my own icons in a custom label would be awesome! :D Just now I found out that I can't delete a notebook neither a jumble. 

Edit: Just found the delete option, but wouldn't be interesting that we can also delete a notebook from it's settings panel?


1. I request making this FOSS or open source so others can continue to work on it when you get busy, this is excellent software. 

I don't want to see it not get updates. :<

Or maybe start a Pateron to help support development?

I know it's in progress but...
2. It would be nice if on the calendar if I clicked on the card shown on the date, it would jump to the card.
Also could be useful to write notes on the calendar or create a card from the calendar view  or connect it to google calendar.

2.5 Combining the time tracker with card tasks would be really cool, especially if it showed the total time spent on a card in the calendar.

3. Your card to PDF feature sounds really cool, but it's not working for me, if there was anyway to preview your pdf that would be cool too.

4. It would be cool if I could import an image into the sketcher, or change the background to like a grid or something.

5. I'm not exactly sure what jumbles are for, they seem to have a lot less features then regular cards. What does the "here" and "there" button do? They flash in and out when creating a jumble. Could you maybe have jumbles set up like cards so I can stick images and stuff in there, currently the only thing I can do is write down text, with images I could make a little dreamboard/moodboard/storyboard or something ;3

6. I agree above with allowing us more icons, or maybe going a step behind and allowing us to mod the theme or colors even though I love the current setup, I do enjoy fiddling with themes.

Anyway I wanted to thank you so much for creating this tool, it's beautiful, easy to use and has more features then I expected! Keep working on pretty please!


See this topic for PDF and FOSS.

It would be nice if on the calendar if I clicked on the card shown on the date, it would jump to the card.
Also could be useful to write notes on the calendar or create a card from the calendar view  or connect it to google calendar.

I'll try to do it soon. Google Calendar integration will take a lot of time and will possibly be released much, much later. Anyway, these are features that I would like to see in my notebooks as well.

It would be cool if I could import an image into the sketcher, or change the background to like a grid or something.

Sketcher needs to be reworked, and I plan integrating it tightly with notebooks, as a tool to add a drawing to any card. It won't be a separate tab in Cosmic Everyday in this case.

What does the "here" and "there" button do?

They are pagination buttons. If there are too many cards in a jumble, they are split into pages.

I'm not exactly sure what jumbles are for, they seem to have a lot less features then regular cards.

Looking back at Cosmic Everyday now I think that Jumbles need to go away as a redundant feature, but regular kanban notebooks can benefit from jumbles too if the features of jumbles were integrated into kanbans, like multi-column sections and click-and-run for attached files and links. If you add a file to a jumble now, a card will become a clickable button that opens its file. If it is an executable one, it will try to launch it too.

I agree above with allowing us more icons

There are two options:

  • either add more default icons (you tell which), as custom ones will not blend into CE, it will add unnecessary complexity to CE, and, heck, have you ever seen an icon uploader for such labels anywhere?
  • or use emojis, 'cause why not. If using something like twemoji, emojis can completely replace the existing icons and give a uniform look and feel across all platforms. Noting that almost everyone uses emojis nowadays, it is a good option.
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I have some few suggestions from the most urgent to the less urgent:
- A simple way to delete the Notebooks and Jumbles(directly on their side).

-An upgrade to the calendar to allow the user to edit/add things in it.

-moar possibilities of integrations(an APi should suffice)

-Synchronization(with some priority on one device, maybe?).

-An automated software time-tracking, allowing the user to see if they have spent their day making games on Unity or playing on Minecraft. Useful for seeing their efficiency.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

There is some work done towards solving these issues (better DB for future syncing, better Notebooks, etc.), but they will come in the v1.0.0 which will release, I hope, the next month??

Automated software tracking is not that easy and can barely fit in the future Cosmic Everyday. This might be never implemented.

For integrations and API, I need an approximate list of API possibilities or some use cases of utilizing such API. Like, which data should it use, how it will interact with Cosmic Everyday or how it will embed into CE. "An API should suffice" is a too vague statement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And I can't come up with anything except Google Calendar integration or something way too out of scope, like syncing Notebook cards with CRMs or stuff.

I absolutely love this software, but I think you can do a lot more with it. I have loads and loads of ideas, I code all day, and I have some spare time. *Cough cough* Hit me up. Seriously though. I'd really like to help contribute and I don't want any pay or anything like that. I just really like your software and think it has a lot of potential, and if I'm wrong, well I'll still use it all the time. I'm currently using it to plot out my first ever teaching course, and it's wonderful. There's a lot of things it doesn't have, but it's the closest to what I'm looking for. I've scoured the internet looking for similar things, and nothing comes close. 

Email: iiviigames AT pm DOT me


Great, I'm sold.

Do you have a telegram account or discord one?

Yeah , my name is discord is Vee#5991


Oh no, you can't be added to Discord friends so easily bc of your privacy settings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
My tag is CoMiGo#7821

Mobile version!