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A topic by VirgonianGalaxy created Dec 09, 2018 Views: 119 Replies: 3
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I think I know the answer to this but I might as well as anyway just in case.

I was wondering if it has to be exactly the same two buttons no matter who plays the game (built into the game I guess you could say) or can the user specify what buttons to use. For example, the first two buttons that the player presses ARE the two buttons for the game. I hope this makes sense.

Also, I want the player to be able to choose between touch controls or key presses at the start of the game. My idea was that the player can start the game by pressing on the screen if they wanted to play with with touch controls (which would be tapping on either side of the screen to control the game play so I hope that counts as only two buttons, please let me know if it isn't by the way) or if the player wanted to use the keyboard instead, they can just press the two buttons they wanted to use and the game uses them instead.

I could have only the keyboard controls but I wanted my game to be accessible on more than just desktops.


Yes, giving choice on controls is better, you can totally do that!

Cool. I am glad that I can, it opens up more possibilities :)

Would I be able to use the touch part though (not with the keys obviously). Like having the two sides of the screen be the two buttons or something like that?


Yep, why not.

I'll play on PC and it won't feel as a 2 buttons game to me specifically :D but it'll be ok pour mobile players!

In the end anyway, it's always better to offer alternatives, you can assign all the keyboard AND joystick buttons, and so on, as long as only 2 inputs are need to play the game.

I mean that if the key "A" and the Mouse button 1 and another input all activate the same effect, it still counts as one button.