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A zine about game development using PICO-8.
An unofficial book on Undertale, delving into the game's explorations of compassion.
The digital version of the book preserving the art of Glitch
An unofficial investigation into the strange history behind this lost horror game.
Development diary and documentary photos from the making of the game.
OpenGL tutorials with help for common problems
Securing Our Future Through Exploration and Education
How To Design Games That Are Personal, Political, And Profound
Graduate Student Literary Journal
Learn how to make your own videogames using an easy-to-learn software
Fate Accelerated RPG source book
Learn to market your upcoming game so you go from 10 players to 10,000.
A manifesto on games design as told through Super Mario Maker.
Guía para crear un videojuego "indie" en 72 horas
Guía para crear un videojuego "indie" en 72 horas
Guía para crear un videojuego "indie" en 72 horas
A book to learn ethical hacking and penetration testing for beginners
A book about Spec Ops: The Line
a zine about what i'm doing to recover from mental illnesses
This is an art book for The Mind's Eclipse.
an autobiography in 8 parts
The story of the King of Rotberg.
A Treatise on the Subject of Daedra Worship
retro pixel art sketch pad for game jam projects
A hard sci-fi novella made for the Fermi Paradox Jam
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