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Tags isn't just for games: Check out our non-gaming content

If you’re reading this blog you already know that is the best place to buy games. Our tools are flexible enough to allow anyone to upload their projects, and our community creates amazing works because of it. But what about artists whose projects aren’t interactive experiences? We have a brilliant selection of creators who have taken our tools in directions we hadn’t anticipated and are hosting awesome books, comics, and tools on the site.

Fans of the blog have probably already seen our semi-frequent non-gaming content roundups but today I want to go one step further and talk about what makes these sections of the site so great. First things first, you’ve got to get to the good stuff. On the left hand side of the homepage you’ll see sections for Games, Assets, Tools, Soundtracks, etc… give any of those categories a click and you’re off to the races. Once you’re there you can sort the results by popular games, new, games or a few other criteria. Find out which projects resonate most with you!

But why should you check out comics or tools on Aren’t we just a game storefront? No, of course we aren’t. We’re in the business of helping creators whether they make games, artbooks, or anime fanzines. This means that you can find amazing content regardless of its medium.

There is a massive diversity of content in these groups. In the books tab you can awesome zines like Heterotopias or the Pico-8 zine but you can also check out artbooks like the one for Sunset. There are both tutorials and romance novels, manifestos and essays about gender. It’s a wild scene and one that deserves more of your attention.

This isn’t even the entirety of our non-gaming content. You can also find awesome music, thoughtfully designed print and play card games, and haunting explorations of self in comic form. If any of this sounds even remotely interesting to you, you could spend your time in worse ways than exploring these corners of the site. A lot of this content is free so you have even fewer reasons not to poke around.

Now what if you’re reading this and say aloud “Wow, all of this sounds great and I should totally check this stuff out. Oh wait, I write books/ draw/ design tabletop games!” Well fret not my multi-talented friend, the submission process is even easier than you think. The technology behind uploading a book is the exact same as our super-easy process to upload a game. We have the full documentation here, but know that you’re about 20 minutes away from having a page with your project on it.

This isn’t to say that what we’ve talked about today are the only things you can upload to Our system can handle any files you throw at it, so if your passion is selling interpretive dance videos or step-by-step macaroni necklace instructions we can help you with that.

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When are you guys gonna start selling tshirts? I wanna represent++


Me too!

Me three!


Isn't it convenient that this post would come out not 2 hours after I release my first tool.

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