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The itch desktop client is now available on the Epic Games Store!

Howdy Community!

I’m happy to announce that as of this morning the itch desktop client is available to download on the Epic Games Store. If you prefer to launch your game launchers through other game launchers then this is perfect for you! This is the same client that we have hosted on our site so you don’t need to re-download or change anything.   

Why did we do this?

They reached out to us a few months back about how they were exploring adding apps to their store. We thought it was a funny idea, but also a good opportunity to potentially expose a lot more people to, as the EGS has a pretty large audience.

How do updates work?

When you install the app on EGS it will actually download our own installer. It will use our own infrastructure to install the latest version and keep it updated completely independent of EGS. Updates will not be delivered through EGS (unless we need to update the installer). This means that if you want to update the itch app you just need to open it. It will also be installed onto your computer like any other piece of software, so you can use the “Add Remove Programs” functionality of your OS to uninstall the app. Once installed, you can remove the installer from EGS by uninstalling it there. It will not impact the system installation of the app.

Do I need to do anything?

Nope. This is just a new place for people to discover and download our app. Nothing about how developers or players access is changing. You can completely ignore this announcement!

Want to talk more about this? Check out our Community thread here

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that what I call Epic Games X


will my personal info send to CCP?


so meta!



Me bouta’ open Itch via EGS via Steam.

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

Great idea ! I know it's a tiny share of your community but do you plan to make your macOS client available as well ?


Probably at some point, we didn’t get a chance to test it in time for the launch, I believe there were a few more requirements to work within the EGS launcher. You can always get the macOS and Linux versions directly from us here:




That's a big one (in a good sense)! Quite a lot of people can update their CV with 'published games at Epic Game Store' note now.

I wonder if/when EGS would find out about secret stashes of 18+ in app's listings... and what their reaction would be...


dude, this was funny and smart at the same time XD

This sounds almost like a prank, but I like it.

"Nothing about how developers or players access is changing."

Bet 20 bucks it's gonna become exclusive to Epic Games within a year.

I hope not!


que ir a la pagina varias veces


ami me gusto ahora no tengo q


huh, I didn't know launchers could be launched on other launchers.


launchers that launch your other games have existed for a while, gog galaxy does it and you can open up a ton of them