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Hey there, thanks for checking out the demo. This was done with Godot 3.x, so does not have SDFGI. Pretty much everything is baked. There are no real time lights. I used the ultra light map settings, and tweaked everything, it took about 30 minutes to bake. Reflections use SSR (mostly seen on the floor) but for the walls they are cubemap reflections. It used box-projection so it looks more realistic and correct, and also works well since the scene is boxy. The reflections on the graffiti was automatic when using a PBR material with a low roughness, combine with the cubemap reflection probes. It did take some time to set the boundaries and blending for the probes to get it to line up. This works well for like small reflections or puddles on the ground and that sort of stuff. The cafe window also uses it, but you can see the limitation on the resolution with a window that size, it doesn't look that great. No decals were used (Godot 3.x doesn't support them). All the the wall stuff is just high resolution 4K textures taken from real photos. On the phone booth the tags are using alpha scissor transparency, so sort of fake manually placed decals since Godot 3.x doesn't have them. Otherwise the reason it runs so well is that there is no real time lighting. Baking everything makes it much faster.

Keep in mind, this is for Godot 3.x. Godot 4 has both linear scaling and FSR, and that is better quality and faster than this plug-in.

Short and sweet, I love it.


That's pretty good for a GTX 1050 Ti, I'm actually surprised. You should get close to 60 FPS in Performance mode, it will still look good. Glad to see Godot 4.0 will run on modest hardware.

The page for the game (in my library) does not load on the Itch desktop app on Ubuntu Linux (it's just white). Also, I cannot install the Linux version from the app, it gives a Butler error about the wrong format or something. The manual download does work. Also, the web player never loads on Firefox Ubuntu. Otherwise seems like a fun game.

I think I see the problem. I'm on Ubuntu 22.04 and the tablet/pen is not detected in the Settings menu (which I think uses libwacom). However it does work in apps like GIMP and Blender, I think cause they have native support. I tried to update libwacom myself, but the libraries don't work on newer versions of Ubuntu, so I might be stuck. I'm using a Huion Q11K.

Love the tool. Are there any plans to add graphics tablet support? It's very difficult for me to paint on the model with a mouse. It would be much easier with a pen.

It's not really, but you're free to believe whatever you wish.

Thanks so much, you're the best.

Thanks. It means a lot to me.

The character is a scan from a human (sort of like a 3D photo). So she can't really be used in a game. But I'm trying to work on something more interactive for my next project. Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks for checking it out. No animation here but you can rotate the camera. Cheers.

Oh, thank you so much! I'm so happy it worked for you.

Thanks, yea. Godot is the best!

Wow, thanks! It means a lot to me.

Thanks a bunch. Really appreciate the kind words.

Thanks so much! This uses Godot 3.4.4.

I love the visual aesthetic, but it doesn't really make sense. I figured out that you want to bounce off the triangles, but this isn't explained and doesn't feel right. It also looks like she is getting hurt. Also, the controls are really clunky and hard to use. It seems choppy and it's hard to move. It would be better if you could smoothly rotate around and not feel like you are fighting the camera. Also more visual cues that what you are doing is good or bad. It's hard to tell right now if you are supposed to go into the eye or not. But it's a great start, and the visuals are there, you just need to work on the gameplay.

That's great to hear. Yeah, I pushed the settings too far on the original version, but I think my tweaks look even better and get much more performance. I'm glad the GTX 1060 works, most of my test rigs are newer so I had to do some guessing with the presets.

That's awesome! Thanks so much for letting me know. The latest patch had some huge performance increases, so I can get 144 fps solid on both my machines (RX 6800 XT and a RTX 3060).

Best game ever! The graphics, the story, the scares. So well done. I actually liked that it was short and to the point. I have other stuff going on in my life, I don't have time to play the same game for 3,000 hours.

I love this game so much. The art and story are original, it is really something different. The music was perfect. And it felt like an honest experience (I assume it was autobiographical). Really a great job. Thanks so much for sharing this.

For sure. I think I will take a break from making another demo and focus on some tutorials for the next few weeks so people can see how I did this. It actually wasn't difficult at all.

Thanks for watching. Yes, it is a high end demo and designed more for desktop graphics cards. It should run at 60 fps at 1080p on a GTX 1060 or RX 580.

Slower machines can work, but not at high resolution. With your screen, even on lowest settings 50% render scale, it's still pushing 1440p, which would need something more like an RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070 Super to get 60 fps. 

Because I realized this, I made the default window size smaller (1600 x 900) that way more people could at least see the demo on a variety of machines, though only in a window.

I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks a bunch for checking out the demo and for sharing your kind words.

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Sorry, there is only an FPS counter. No other stats. But I can tell you that the full scene is 5.4 million polygons. The Ella character model is 100,000 polygons and uses an 8K texture. Most of the other textures are 2K or below. Hope that's what you were looking for.

Yeah, that's a great idea. I can look into it. Thanks for watching.

Thanks so much. I am humbled by your words.

Thanks so much. Yeah, it's a pretty fly pad.

LOL, yeah. I'll have to write a tutorial at some point. Maybe I'll do that next. Thanks for your support.

Yes, I agree the reflection quality is not state of the art, but I think it still looks okay and if your use proper PBR materials with roughness it can actually appear pretty nice. However, sharp mirror-like reflections may not be the best quality. Even so, I think it's good enough for an indie game. Thanks for watching.

Thank you so much. I really wanted to show the community what was possible. Godot is great!

Yes, that is what I have planned for the 4.0 release. However my last two demos have used licensed artwork and I need to be able to release the source project files. So I'll have to make my own art, but I think I have some time before 4.0 is released.

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So I've been using Godot for 2 years, I didn't do any tutorials, but I read some books and the documentation. However, I have been programming games for 25 years and used just about every engine before switching to Godot. However, if you want a recommendation you should check GDQuest. They have the best tutorials.

That's for checking it out. Yeah, I want to work on a game eventually, so far I've just been doing graphics tests.

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I've been really impressed with Godot now that I am getting more comfortable with it. I will have to make a tutorial at some point. The things I did here were not difficult, but they took time and a lot of it is an artistic choice rather than anything technical. But I should be able to write up some tips.