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You can now offer downloads with web games is pretty cool because it lets you either host downloadable games (optionally with a price) or embed a web game directly in the page. In the past if you wanted to combine the two into a single page it wasn’t trivial.

Starting today you can now have downloadable files alongside your embedded game! All the same great features for downloadable game files are now available for web games. You can upload multiple files, supply an optional minimum price, provide individual prices for files, and even upload demo files. (And you can still use the donation button that’s been there all along)

In order to accommodate this new functionality the edit game page has changed a little bit. The file uploader now lets you specify which file should be embedded into the browser: (existing pages will have the correct file chosen by default)

new upload setting

Any additional files you upload will be available for  purchase or download. They will show up beneath your game’s description in the same format as download-only games:

a purchasable web game


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