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View where purchases come from

The game analytics pages have been updated to give you better insight about where purchases are coming from.

purchases list

If you’re familiar with then you might know there are a few different ways to buy a game, the embeddable widget, the pay popup API, and the game pages. In the past, if you were using more than one of these, you had no idea where someone was making a purchase. There’s now a new column on the purchases overview with the Buy location of the purchase. The current options are “Game page”, “Embed widget”, “Popup API”.

Now that you know which part of the site someone is using to buy your game you might be interested in how they got there. Well you’re in luck because there’s a second new column on the purchases list, the Referrer.

purchases list

Purchases on originate from either the internal pages (like browse games, search, home page, or user profiles), or external pages like game blogs, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. The new referrers column will tell you about both. External links are marked as external link and are linked to the page that initiated the purchase. Internal links are shown as the name of the page, and any addition parameters about that page. For example, if someone bought your game while browsing action games for OS X then you’ll see all that information.


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