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Updates to the press system, new application form launched its press system about 3 months ago. The press system is a method for letting content creators with a focus on indie games get access to paid games that opt in for free. There has been an overwhelming response so far.

If you’re a game developer looking to be part of the press system then you can head to the user settings page to opt-in right now! If you create content about games then read on.

Applying to the press system was ad-hoc, if anyone wanted to be reviewed for access they would submit a support request to Because press accounts are not handed out lightly, a proper review of each person is a requirement. Sadly it became difficult to manage all the applications.

Starting today there is now a formal process for applying to the press system.

You can find the new press account application here:

The new system streamlines the process, with fields for the most common questions that need to be answered. It also helps to clarify who exactly is eligible for a press account.

If you applied to the press system in the past and did not hear back I’d like to apologize for not having the opportunity to talk to everyone yet. Although your information is still stored, I highly recommend re-submitting through the new application form. It will help organize all the applicants and provide the additional data required to see if someone is eligible for a press account.


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