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Updates to the game edit page

A couple of important changes have been rolled out to the game edit page to get ready for new browsing updates coming to! Here’s a quick overview.

The new things:

There’s now a Release status field, you can choose what stage of  development your game is in:

There are now fields for setting mobile app store links. If you’ve got a game on Google Play or the Apple App store place a link here:

There’s a new published setting, Public restricted, which allows you to make a game page public but prevent new people from downloading or buying it. Download keys and existing purchases still work, so this is the perfect way to host a closed beta, or shut down a time specific promotional page (like the recent Devs With Ferguson Bundle).

Existing things updated:

  • The game type picker now explicitly tells you that you can upload downloadable files along with embedded game types: 

  • On embedded web games, the minimum price picker explains how you can set a price after uploading some downloadable files. (You did know you can sell and have an embedded game at the same time right? Well now you do!)
  • The page now has a sticky toolbar with a save button in it, as the page tends to get fairly tall when you have a lot of content, it’s nice to be able to save without having to lose your position.
  • The one-at-a-time upload restriction has been removed, the old uploader style has been restored. You can queue and upload many files at once.
  • The game wide platform picker is gone! (Nice, one less thing to manage) The final list of supported platforms is automatically calculated from the platforms you choose on all the files you’ve uploaded.


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