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Updates for sitelocked games

Some changes are coming to’s infrastructure regarding the domain where web games are served from.

This might affect you if you’ve placed a sitelock within your code. A sitelock is something that checks the originating domain or URL of the game’s file before letting the user play. This is to prevent other sites from taking your game and hosting it on their own platform. If you don’t have a sitelock then no action is required.

The domain serving the games is going to be changing to from

For example, what was once: 

Will now be:

I suggest making your sitelock work with either domain until the transition is complete.

The domain changes are planned to happen mid next week, on Wednesday, but if there are any issues don’t hesitate to contact us and we can push the deadline back or make an exception for your game. To send a message to please use the Email button on this page:


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