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The randomizer

I feel like I’ve been starting every update lately with “there are a lot of games on” Well, it’s true, there are a lot, and helping people discover games is a top priority. There are a handful of ways already: game recommendationsbrowse pages, other people’s profiles and collections, and the featured games on the homepage. Starting today we have a new way to find games: The randomizer.

View the randomizer


Using the randomizer is simple: set some filters and click start. will randomly select a game that meets the criteria and show it to you in a frame on the page. You can easy download or add the game to a collection. When you’re done just click next to get another game. Hanging out with friends? Try selecting local multiplayer and click start!


We’re experimenting with different ways to collect feedback about games. You’ll notice a “I like it” and “I dont like it” button. If you feel strongly about the game make sure to click one before going to the next.

The randomizer is available for everyone, but if you have an account then all the games you visit will be marked so they don’t get shown to you again.

By the way, the randomizer works great in your mobile web browser!


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Is there a way to reset it? I went through all of one category a couple years ago and wanted to do it again, but now all it says is "Nothing left".