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Switching to HTTPS everywhere will be switching to forced HTTPS everywhere Monday, December 7th [1]. HTTPS is a standard protocol that adds encryption on top of your regular browser requests to ensure that your private information stays private. We’ve allowed for HTTPS on all pages for some time now, but it has not been mandatory.

Because of this change some developers’ game pages might be affected. HTTPS pages will typically block “insecure” content from being embedded. This includes any widgets that use iframes, or HTML5 games that request remote resources.

If you’re using’s HTML5 uploader, and all your game files are included in the ZIP, then you don’t need to do anything.

If you’re using a custom game engine that requests external resources I encourage you verify your page will function correctly. Just go to your game’s url, and change http to https. For example, you might take and convert it to

Any widgets embedded into the description also follow the same rules. You can do the same check as described above. 

We’ll be running an automated scan of the descriptions to look for any major issues. If your game is not functional and you need assistance, or you need more time, we be glad to help. Just contact us.

[1]: This deadline can be flexible if necessary, please contact us if there’s an issue.


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