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Saved Credit Cards

If you use a credit card to buy games on you may have noticed that you need to type it in each time you want to purchase or donate. This is no longer the case! If you have an account then you can now save your credit card during checkout so you can re-use it on subsequent purchases.

If you’ve saved a credit card then all you need to do is pick it, and enter your password to complete a future purchase:

If you don’t want to use an existing card you can add a new card from the checkout screen.

On your Account settings page you’ll find a new Credit cards section where you can manage any cards on your account. You can add new ones and update or remove existing ones.

Note: Credit cards are not stored on our servers but with our payment processor, Stripe. Because of how Stripe associates cards to merchants, if a seller is using direct payments instead of our payout system  your stored credit cards will not be available for that transaction.


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can you still not save the car?

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